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Friday, May 25, 2012

Easily Repair your Mobile Dropped in Water

Are you fear as you incorrectly fall your cell phone in water? It can also get wet if you are out in a heavy rain. It is possible to preserve your wet mobile by easily restoring it. To save your cell phone from water damage, you can consider these uncomplicated solutions.
The first thing you have to do to save your wet cellphone is to act quickly. Quickly eliminate all the extractible parts as well as covers possible such as the back cover, power supply, the SIM card, storage etc. Next, take a piece of towel or a cells document to eliminate the excess water you are able to notice within the cell cellphone. Make sure that you dry it completely. If you don’t do this, the water inside the cell cellphone will begin to escape and collect in places which will be difficult to arrive at.

Drying for a long time
Take off the covers as well as power supply from the cell cellphone. Put the cellphone in a dry as well as heated place to let the water in the cellphone escape progressively from the little gaps in the cell cellphone.
Using a Hairdryer
The battery housing usually consist of small holes to let in air inside the cell phone. So, take a hair dryer and begin blow drying the cellphone while giving more consideration to the place where battery power is located. Make sure that you are not holding the hairdryer very near to the mobile phone. It may harm your cell phone.

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