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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MovieBase Is A Holo-Themed Movie Discovery Android App With Play Movies Support

In the past couple of months, we have seen quite a few highly attractive, informative and customizable movie discovery apps for Android arrive in the Play Store. First it was Movie Twist, then came Movie App HD, and today we have come across yet another promising movie exploration tool in the form ofMovieBase, which seems as gorgeous and information-rich as its counterparts, to say the least. Retrieving all its movie-related details from the widely acknowledged services of, MovieBase offers a wealth of information on your favorite, past, upcoming and top films as well as famous celebrities from all across the globe. Through a simply designed Holo UI, the app lets you browse movies by genre, rating, popularity, currently playing and release time. For each movie, you get to see relevant information about the actors, crew members, production companies, involved locations, budgets, revenues, move websites, status, genre, release dates, taglines, movie plots, full descriptions and what not. More to follow...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Install Ubuntu Touch Preview On Nexus Devices The Easy Way From Recovery [Complete Guide]

The announcement of Ubuntu for Phones and the more recent one of Ubuntu for Tablets had sparked huge interest in the entire smartphone enthusiast community and kept countless Nexus device owners waiting to get their hands on the Ubuntu Touch experience.  Finally, the wait is over, as Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview has landed on the Nexus series of devices including Nexus 10, Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus, just as Canonical promised it would.  Though if you have rushed to the original installation method provided by Canonical at the official Ubuntu Wiki, many of you must have been disappointed at learning that the method required you to be running Ubuntu on your PC in order to install it. A Linux based OS running PC is not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s hardly fair to install or even dual boot a new OS only to be able to install a new one on your mobile device – and one that is already highly experimental at this point. Luckily, there is an easier and much more more familiar way to get Ubuntu Touch up and running on your Nexus devices, irrespective of the OS on your PC. That’s right – we are talking about the usual flashing from a custom recovery. So let’s get on with it...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mokriya Releases Arguably The Best Craigslist App For Android & iOS

If you are looking for a neatly-built and user-friendly Craigslist app for your Android or iOS-powered device, try taking Mokriya for a spin. Fresh to the Play Store and iTunes App Store, Mokriya is an officially licensed Craigslist client for Android and iOS that offers super-easy ad posting, convenient browsing and advanced searching options. The app’s uncluttered interface is arguably the best we’ve seen in a Craigslist mobile app in a long time. Besides exploring the extensive Craigslist directory organized under a wide array of categories, you can use the app’s various filters and search tools to instantly find items matching your exact criteria and preferences. Almost every ad listed in the app is supplemented with a wealth of information including contact details of the owner/dealer, photo galleries, descriptions, location maps and plenty more...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Newscover Is A Preference-Aware Virtual Newspaper For Android

The likes of Flipboard, Google Currents, Pulse and a few other feature-filled news readers surely have their fair share of fans across both Android and iOS. Having said that, if you look past the big players, there are certain emerging candidates that seem to have what it takes to impress the masses, one of them being newscover – a free and personalized news aggregator for Android that keeps you updated about the latest and past stories from the world of sports, technology, business, style and current affairs in a beautifully crafted newspaper-like interface. newscover happens to be one of the few apps of its kind that let you head back to a date of choice to check out all the significant events that made the headlines for that particular day. Apart from that, the app sports various gesture-based controls to let you sift through news pages, choose the maximum number of news headlines you wish to see on your screen, and play around with various bookmarking and sharing tools you’d expect from a news reader app...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Easily Design Custom Tabs With Media Content For Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are so common that everyone and their cat seems to have one. Though easy to create, they can prove to be somewhat difficult to customize for the average Joe, especially when it comes to tasks like adding multimedia to a tab. Tab Creator is a Facebook app that gives you an excellent tab creator and editor for your Facebook Pages. It allows you to create new tabs and provides built-in templates for Pages related to music, photography, artists, restaurants, online shops, and real estate. You can also create a blank tab, and use Tab Creator’s excellent editor to add elements to it. Taking hint from Photoshop, each element that you add to a Page represents a layer, and layers can be organized any way you want. Read on for more information...
To use Tab Creator, you must first have a Facebook Page. Tab Creator only creates tabs, so you still have to create a Page first if you don’t already have one. If you own or administer several pages, Tab Creator will ask you to select one for adding the tab. We tested the app out with the Music template and it allows us to add images, media placeholders for YouTube and Vimeo videos, and an audio placeholder for embedding sounds from SoundCloud. Other available elements include text fields, solid color boxes, and images...
tab creator

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Any.DO For Android & iOS Gets New ‘Moment’ Feature & DashClock Support

Any.DO is a cross-platform to-do list and task management app for Android and iOS best known for its elegant interface, gesture-based controls and the ability to keep your tasks synced online. The app has just been updated in the Play Store as well as iTunes App Store with a brand new feature called Any.DO Moment – a personal virtual assistant of sorts that keeps you informed about your upcoming tasks for the day and lets you plan them accordingly. Once scheduled, the Moment feature will automatically notify you about your various tasks listed for the day through a beautifully designed, animated UI. Using various task management options at hand, you can then check out all the upcoming tasks in a chronological order, reschedule them for some other time of the day, mark them as done, postpone them to a user-specified time, or delete them from your to-do list altogether. Apart from the newly introduced Moment feature, the latest update also brings several other goodies and performance improvements to both the supported platforms. Details to follow...
Firstly, iOS users can relish the addition of the recurring reminders feature, as they no longer have to manually feed in all the details regarding an already-added event again and again. In addition, they can email their to-do tasks to ‘’ and view them in their Any.DO mobile app. Both these features have already been available to Android users.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vire Launcher Is A 3D Android Home Screen With Stunning Transitions

Developed by XDA members navdeepsangwan and winograd, Vire Launcher is a Android home screen replacement app boasting a visually refreshing UI with 3D effects & transitions, real-time lighting & reflections, super smooth navigation, and automatic theming of nearly every element in the entire interface including home screen widgets and icons etc. Currently in beta, Vire Launcher is an attempt to provide Android users with a 3D home screen offering tons of customizations. Besides being one of the most responsive and beautifully-crafted home screen replacements we’ve seen recently, Vire Launcher impresses with the realistic light reflections on its native metallic clock widget, determined solely by the readings fetched from the device’s accelerometer. That’s not all – the launcher has its own applets, shortcuts, animations, themes, wallpapers, transition styles and several other UI tweaks that we shall look at in detail past the break...
Unfortunately, Vire Launcher doesn’t yet support folders or resizable widgets. However, it does let you play around with the dock contents and fill it with your favorite app shortcuts. Same applies to its multiple home screens that can sport your preferred app shortcuts, widgets and Vire applets displayed atop the user-selected wallpaper, as you would expect from any conventional-style Android launcher.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Glovebox Is An Ubuntu-Inspired Android App Switcher With Catchy Themes

From the creators of the previously reviewed Home Network Settings comes Glovebox – a remarkably simple yet effective Android multitasking and app switching tool based on more or less the same concept as that of Unity Launcher and numerous other app switching solutions we’ve recently covered, Glovebox by FBarrosoApps lets you instantly switch between your apps and various system features from anywhere in Android with the help of an interactive, customizable and vertically scrollable sidebar filled with your favorite app & system shortcuts, widgets and actions etc. The main difference between Glovebox and its peers is that this tool lets you switch back and forth between the items without even lifting your finger from the screen. That is, once you trigger the Glovebox switch list by interacting with an edge of your device’s screen, you can launch an app or associated action by simply gliding your finger over the relevant icon. To add a visual appeal to the experience, Glovebox also offers you quite a few attractive themes that can be applied to your personalized app switch list.
Glovebox-Android-Help Glovebox-Android-Sidebar1

Monday, April 22, 2013

Add Custom Extensions To DashClock Lock Screen Widget For Android

Recently, we wrote about DashClock Widget – the brainchild of leading Google team member Roman Nurik – and the widget has already proved to be one of the most impressive and widely acknowledged Android app releases of the year. DashClock Widget basically looks to exploit true potential of Androidlockscreen widgets announced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean by presenting users with a plethora of information and notifications pertaining to various apps on the very same screen, which would otherwise mostly be accessed only by unlocking the device and navigating to the relevant apps. The widget’s own dedicated extensions aside, it’s the extensible nature of DashClock Widget that has done it a world of good. Almost every other day, a brand new third-party extension for the widget hits the Play Store, introducing us to yet another one of the countless possibilities offered by this simple little widget. Dashclock Custom Extension by Dominik Gross is one of the most interesting extensions we’ve seen for the widget so far. It lets you add a few customizable extensions to the widget that you can personalize according to your needs, complete with various user-defined actions...
Like all other third-party extensions for DashClock Widget, Dashclock Custom Extension integrates smoothly with the widget. However, the main difference offered by this particular extension is that upon installation, it adds three customizable extensions to the list of DashClock extensions, letting you further assign custom actions to each of them according to your preferences.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tata Teleservices To Submit Additional CDMA Spectrum back to DoT in all circles except Delhi and Mumbai

Tata Docomo
According to our exclusive sources, Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) all set to submit its additional CDMA spectrum back to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in all circles except Delhi and Mumbai to avoid one time payment charges...
Recently,the telecom department (DoT) had imposed a one-time spectrum charge on airwaves held by existing mobile phone companies (CDMA and GSM) after the central Government had cleared the proposal in late 2012.

Phonechievements Turns Routine Android Usage Into A Social Game

It is no surprise that user interest in many smartphone-based games is increasingly being driven by social media elements that allow users to share their achievements and scores with friends and at times the general public. Enter Phonechievements for Android – an app that aims to bring similar social media elements into your everyday phone use. The app uses your regular phone usage stats and brings en element of competition to these otherwise ordinary aspects of the phone. In essence, you will be unlocking achievements as you meet their required set criteria, and there are tons of these to unlock. Unlocking an achievement will allow you to share boast it over Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and encourage some geeky competition amongst you and your friends. Let’s find out more after the jump...
There are a total of 99 achievements to unlock in Phonechievements and if you’re lucky, you may have a few unlocked already. There are 10 categories for the achievements, ranging from ‘Travel Agent’ to ‘Apps Addiction’. It will be very hard to summarize the features of this app, especially considering the variety of achievements it offers but to sum it up, there is something for every kind of user...
Phonechievements 07 Phonechievements 06

Saturday, April 20, 2013

MTNL Delhi Launches Missed Call Alert Facility on Landline Phone

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL), today announced the launch of SMS based “Missed Call Alert Service on Land-line” for its customers in Delhi telecom circle...

Driving Dashboard ‘Sony Car’ Ported From Xperia Z To All Android Devices

Google Play Store has plenty of apps that make it easier to use your phone while docked in your car, and there’s a built-in dock mode available on most Android phones out there as well. However, not everyone is comfortable with fancy voice commands or alerts, and some people just can’t be bothered automating the functions of their phone when driving. With Sony Car app, you can make using your phone while driving arguably safe. Even though it lacks even the slightest bit of automation-related features or alerts for the driver, what it does have is a clean and well laid out interface that is essentially a launcher with really big icons optimized for using in dock mode. There is more to it than meets the eye, so read all about it after the break...
The app originally came bundled with the Xperia Z, but XDA-Developers forum member ThilinaC extracted it from the device and made it available to be used on almost any Android device out there, as long as it is running Android 4.0 or higher.
Sony Car0001 Sony Car0007 Sony Car0006

Friday, April 19, 2013

Vodafone and ICICI Bank Launches M-Pesa Mobile Money Service In Eastern Region

Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers and ICICI Bank today starts its ‘M-Pesa’ – Mobile Money Transfer and Payment service in eastern region of India...
Vodafone  M-Pesa Mobile Money Service with ICICI Bank

Unblock Websites Or Accelerate Web Browsing On PC & Android With Hola

Hola Connections

Internet censorship is becoming more and more serious everyday. Many governments block access to certain websites or online services within their country. In other cases, many online services don’t offer some or all of their content in certain regions; many of us have click a YouTube video link to land on a message saying the selected video is not available in our region. Same goes for many other services that are being provided in the US only. While finding out the reason why these services aren’t accessible in your part of the world is probably something beyond your control, what you can still do is actually access the website using a VPN, though most free VPN services have a catch: low speed or advertisements. Hola is one of the newest entries in the free VPN services scene with clients for Windows and Android that accelerate internet browsing and allow you to access blocked content without compromising the speed. Moreover, it allows you to browse the internet while maintaining complete anonymity, and supports major internet browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Keep reading to find out more about Hola.
There are two main features of the application: Unblocker and Accelerator. Both of these features can be used together, as well as separately. When you launch the app for the first time, it displays a list of all the available connections, with the one you are currently connected to highlighted in green color.
Hover your mouse over the Wi-Fi tab on the left side to view detailed information about the connection, including the total connection time and total data sent & received.
Hola Connection Details
The Acceleration and Unblocker features can be accessed by clicking their respective tabs on the left side. To activate any of these, just tick the provided check box.
Hola Unblocker
While acceleration is activated instantly, unblocker requires you to specify if you want to only unblock media websites blocked in your country, or also firewall entries.
You can also activate or deactivate any of the two features instantly by clicking Hola’s system tray icon.
Hola System Tray
Right-clicking the tray icon lets you view the unblocker settings, start or stop acceleration, view statistics, mute sounds, or access the app’s settings.
Hola Options
The Settings window gives you control over a few general options, Wi-Fi management, and acceleration related settings. You can choose whether Wi-Fi should be managed by Windows or Hola.
Hola Settings
Other than the desktop client, Hola also has extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome internet browsers, as well as an Android app. While the browser extensions only provide you with the ability to unblock restricted websites, the Android app also offers the acceleration option found in the PC client, but as stated on the Hola website, will also allow accessing blocked websites in the future.
Hola Android Hola Android Enabled
Hola for Windows works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, while the Android app runs on 2.3 and above.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Aircel Launches New Pocket Internet Plan for Rs.24

In its pioneering effort to increase Internet adoption, Aircel, launched another unique data plan, Pocket Internet 24 (PI-24) for first time users (as Trial Plan) with a higher validity of 30 days, will enable customers to experience and experiment internet on their mobile phones at an economical price of less than Re. 1 per day...

Minor flaw allows Hacker to hijack Avira Antivirus customers accounts

Minor flaw allows Hacker to hijack Avira Antivirus customers accounts
Cross site scripting vulnerabilities are mistakenly considered unimportant, but they could allow attackers to inject client-side script in web pages visited by victims...

Greenify Allows iOS-Style Multitasking On Android By Hibernating Apps

While it’s an obvious fact that the more apps you install on your Android device, the quicker its battery will drain out, there are certain ‘culprit’ apps that tend to hog your device’s precious resources more than others by constantly and stealthily running in the background, even when they’re not required at all. Although there are numerous tools that help users track down such apps, not many offer an effective solution to control their behavior. Sure, you can freeze such apps, but that disables the app’s functionality almost completely while they’re frozen. The countless Android task managers or system optimization tools have proven to be ineffective in this regard as well. This situation requires a solution that strikes a fine balance between functionality and efficiency, while requiring minimum input from the users themselves. New to the scene, Greenify claims to not just identify memory hogging background apps on your rooted Android device, but also puts you in control over their hibernation, so that their services come in to play only when required, making it a true battery saver!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hackers Probably Can't Hijack an Airplane with Software

Hackers Probably Can%27t Hijack an Airplane with Software
An alarming dispatch from the Hack In The Box security conference in Amsterdam arrived on Wednesday: a hacker says he's found a way to take over airplane controls. That's probably not true. At least according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) and Honeywell, the maker's of the cockpit software, it's not. The FAA, for one, says, "The described technique cannot engage or control the aircraft's autopilot system using the FMS or prevent a pilot from overriding the autopilot." The agency assures America that this hack "does not pose a flight safety concern because it does not work on certified flight hardware."...

utter! For Android Now Boasts Completely Offline Voice Recognition

utter! is one of the few fully voice-controlled virtual assistants for Android that is universally accessible from anywhere within the entire OS. This functionality combined with the app’s ability to interpret a broad range of voice commands and perform various actions in response makes it a serious competitor in this arena. If you’re using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher, you will definitely want to check out the latest utter! update. utter! v3.0 claims to have become the first app of its kind to bring complete offline voice recognition support to any device rocking Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above. That’s right – utter! is now capable of understanding and carrying out your voice commands even if your device is not connected to the internet...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Massive Brute-force attack Targets Wordpress sites worldwide

Massive Brute Force attack using Botnet Targets thousands of Wordpress sitesA large distributed brute force attack against WordPress sites is understood to be occurring. A large botnet with more than 90,000 servers is attempting to log in by cycling through different usernames and passwords...

According to a blog update on IXWebHosting, they are currently experiencing issues where there is a brute force attack on the default WordPress login pages of  their customers.

"As you can see from our numbers, we were seeing 30 to 40 thousand attacks per day the last few months. In April 2013, it increased to 77,000 per day on average, reaching more than 100,000 attempts per day in the last few days." Sucuri study says...

Trigger Is A Fully Gesture-Controlled Multitasking Tool For Android

Developed by XDA member Varience, Trigger is a completely gesture-controlled multitasking Android app that lets you control almost every aspect of your device using various user-defined gestures. Available for both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, Trigger can be used to multitask in a couple of ways; you can either define custom user-drawn gestures to launch apps, shortcuts, system features, personalized app drawers et al from anywhere in Android using an omnipresent trigger, or swipe in different directions from the trigger to launch relevant actions. More details after the jump...
The trigger itself can be positioned at a desired spot on your device’s screen, and interacted with in different ways to initiate a user-defined action. Tapping the trigger activates the drawing panel so that you can draw a custom gesture anywhere on screen to activate the required app/action. On the other hand, gliding to various directions from the trigger can help you instantly switch between apps, trigger system features or perform various associated tasks. To maneuver the trigger position, you’ll have to hold it down momentarily and then drag your finger to the desired spot on screen...
Trigger-Android-Home Trigger-Android-Apps

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hijacking plane's navigation system with an Android app, Researcher claimed

Hijacking plane's navigation system with Android app
It is a terrifying prospect, a hack that allows an attacker to take control of plane navigation and cockpit systems has been revealed at a security conference in Europe...

Movie App HD Is A Film Discovery & Info Aggregator App For Android

The likes of the official IMDB app and previously-reviewed Movie Twist boast enough options to help you discover interesting movies on your mobile device with ease. However, the hodgepodge of all the various movie filters, tags, genres, and other extensively deep search tools can prove to be quite intimidating, especially if you’re looking for just a simple movie exploration tool. Thanks to Movie App HD, Android users now have a fully Holo-themed movie discovery tool that can help them find and keep track of only the information that matters to them the most. The app fetches the movie information from the trusted services of IMDB, and helps you find the best movie titles in a number of ways. Besides presenting you with all the relevant details regarding your favorite movies, the app offers 1080p backdrops and trailers for almost all the titles listed in its rich repository...
Ranging from currently running hot titles to upcoming releases, Movie App HD packs ample information about any movie to have hit the box office to date. The app’s built-in search tool can be used to look for the required movies by titles, actors, and directors...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hunting Russian malware author behind Phoenix Exploit Kit

Hinting malware author behind Phoenix Exploit Kit
Exploit kits are one of the dangerous cyber crime tool, where The Phoenix Exploit Kit is a good example of exploit packs used to exploit vulnerable software on the computers of unsuspecting Internet users...

The Phoenix Exploit Kit is available for a base price of $2,200 in underground market by its malware author or developer.  Like other exploit kits, Phoenix also developed to exploit browser-based vulnerabilities in outdated and insecure versions of browser plugins like Java, and Adobe Flash and Reader.

Developer of Phoenix is known by nickname AlexUdakov on several forums. According to new investigation report published by krebsonsecurity, AlexUdakov was also member of a forum calledDarkode, whose administrator accounts were compromised few weeks before and that the intruders were able to gain access to private communications of the administrators. 

Intruders was able to view full profiles and database of Darkode members, as well as the private email addresses of Darkode members, where AlexUdakov was using the address “”.

On further investigation by authorities, they found Andrey Anatolevich Alexandrov, a 23-year-old male (born May 20, 1989) from Yoshkar-Ola profiled on russian social media site 'Vkontakte' with same email address. Currently he is living in a 365-square foot apartment with his wife and small child in Yoshkar-Ola.

Also he is member of many Russian language forums and web sites dedicated to discussing guns, including and also found him on another criminal website, where he had been selling Phoenix Exploit Kit for many months, until around July 2012, but after that till Feb 2013 his account remained silent.

In latest post on the same forum he explained his kit and gun clients that he was arrest by the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Russian agency for distributing malware and the illegal possession of firearms, including two AKS-74U assault rifles, a Glock, a TT (Russian-made pistol), and a PM (also known as a Makarov).

Not proved that Andrey Anatolevich Alexandrov is really behind devlopment of Phoenix Exploit Kit or not, but investigation can help authroities now to reach original criminal soon.

Anyway, users are advised to always ensure that the applications installed on their computers are kept up-to-date so they can avoid possible exploit attacks.

Official Android & iOS Apps Of Cloud Storage Service Klink Released

The number of cloud storage services out there has been increasing at a really fast pacee over the past few years. While the likes of Dropbox, Box and SugarSync have managed to enhance their reputation by frequently introducing innovative features, there have been numerous other candidates vying to compete in this ever-growing market. Relatively new to the scene, Klink is yet another neatly built cloud storage service that aims to impress with its online data backup, restore and cross-platform syncing capabilities. Currently available for Windows, iOS, Android and web, Klink offers each registered member 2GB of free cloud storage space. Using the service’s mobile apps, you can access your cloud files on any device you own. In addition, you can share files from your cloud both publicly and privately. Klink also offers a unified interface for your photos, videos and documents shared from various devices, and lets you search for content by file name, device type, date added, and folders...
Of all the Klink apps, the Android variant is the latest to emerge on the scene. Available for any device running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or higher, the beta build of Klink app for Android offers a polished and uncluttered UI for managing your cloud data...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Anonymous hackers launch massive cyber assault on Israel Cyberspace, #OpIsrael

A cyber attack campaign, dubbed #OpIsrael by hacking group Anonymous, targeting Israeli websites caused massive disruption to government, academic and private sites Sunday. Israeli media said small business had been targeted. Some homepage messages were replaced with anti-Israel slogans...

Vodafone India to Enable Connectivity in Mahindra Reva’s e2o

Vodafone India and Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles today announced a strategic technology partnership. This partnership will enable Vodafone to provide Machine-to-Machine (m2m) communication services to power the recently launched electric vehicle, Mahindra e2o...
Vodafone India connectivity to Mahindra Reva e2o