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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vodafone India Drives 3G Adoption With Be Smart Mobile Internet Initiative, Targets users with HSPA Handsets

Vodafone India today launched ‘Be Smart’ Mobile Internet initiative.
Vodafone ‘Be Smart’ Mobile Internet initiative communicates the need for synergizing 3G technology with HSPA enabled handsets, for a faster, smarter and better mobile internet experience. This initiative in Mumbai is in line with Vodafone’s overall strategy to democratise data and enhance awareness on the benefits of mobile internet to both current as well as prospective customers...

Vobok For iOS & Android Is Like Twitter For Short Voice Recordings

On the surface, Twitter’s 140 character limit might seem like a hindrance, but in reality, this feature has helped make Twitter the social networking giant that it is today. The limit helps keep tweets interesting, and makes sure that people can easily go through their timeline even if they follow a large number of profiles. Vobok is a social network for smartphones that works on the same idea of intentional limitation, but instead of written words or links, Vobok focuses on audio. The app has been designed to let users record short voice messages, and then share them with their friends and followers. Even private messages can only be sent in audio form, making the whole network voice-based. In the past, Audiolip has offered a similar functionality for desktop, while mobile users have had VoiceBo. Vobok still has its own special place in this genre though, owing to the fact that it is a no-frills app, and enjoys integration with Facebook and Twitter...
Vobok Feed Vobok Options

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BSNL Offers FREE 3G Data Card on Purchase of Yearly 3G Data Plan

Pan India 3G Mobile service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) today announced the launch of an exciting FREE 3G Data Card offer for its prepaid customers across all circles.
BSNL Free 3G Data Card
BSNL will provide 3.6Mbps 3G data card to customers free of cost on purchase of its Yearly 3G Data Pan Voucher of Rs.3299 which offers 2.5 GB 3G Data usage per month for 12 months (Home and Roam) . The offer will be available from 1st August, 2013...

How To Upload EPUBs & PDFs To Google Play Books And Read On Web, iOS & Android

Google announced and discussed updates to almost all of their major services yesterday at what is being regarded as one of the biggest Google I/O event yet. Many of you must already be aware of the feature additions in Search, Maps, Play Services etc. by now, but you may have missed one very useful feature update to Play Books in all the chaos that is the technology blogosphere on the day of a new keynote. The latest version has a couple of new features that give it a serious edge over competing products from Apple and Amazon. This includes the ability to upload your own eBooks in EPUB or PDF format to your Play Books account, and keep your reading progress across all your devices in sync! Check out the details after the jump...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Connect Bangladesh Faster: Bharti Airtel’s Terrestrial OFC Network Goes Live

Continuing its effort to bring world class of communications Indian telecom giant Bharti Airtel has lit up operations of its high capacity terrestrial optical fiber link between India and Bangladesh. The link, which extends from Bongaon in West Bengal (India) to the Petrapole-Benapole border, will enhance voice and data connectivity between the two countries as well as transit traffic between Bangladesh and the rest of the world....

Hands-On With Google Hangouts Unified, Cross-Platform IM & Video Chat

The Google I/O keynote yesterday brought a lot of important announcements, but the revampedHangouts service seems to have managed to cause the most excitement among them all so far, probably because it has already been rolled out for users all over the world. The iOS app is available in the App Store, while  lot of Android users have managed to get their hands on the Hangouts update for their Google Talk app as well. Google already offered its Google Talk (also called GTalk, Google Chat and Gmail Chat) already enjoyed integration with Google+ and Gmail but compared to the Hangouts feature of Google+, it wasn’t too heavy on features. Some of you might have wondered why the plain old chat can’t become as cool as its Google+ variant. Even if you have never thought of that possibility, Google seems to have been thinking along those lines. The new Hangouts can be considered a consolidation of Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts that works on Android, iOS, Google+ and Chrome. The service offers everything from video calling to group chat, and even a huge collection of emoticons...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aircel To Offer Free Mobile Wikipedia Access Through Wikipedia Zero

Aircel and the Wikimedia Foundation today announced a partnership to offer Wikipedia on mobile phones without any data charges to Aircel customers. Aircel customers will be able to access versions of Wikipedia in English, Hindi, Tamil, and 17 other Indic languages free of cost. This is the first service of its kind to formally launch in India...
Aircel Wikipedia Zero

WeatherSignal Uses Android Device Sensors To Read & Crowdsource Local Weather Info

Weather can’t always be  predicted accurately since it can changes quite fast and unexpectedly. When and where you get your weather report is also important but weather forecasts are for a set period of time. They aren’t always updated constantly at every source and often, one of the best ways to get an accurate and live weather report is from social media. WeatherSignal is an Android app that tackles accurate weather predictions by crowd-sourcing them. The app uses the built-in sensors in your device (some features are limited to certain handsets) and allows you to measure the temperature, humidity, air pressure, magnetic flux and more. You can also submit your own weather report. The report will only ask you if it’s raining, snowing, hailing, etc. Each one of the reports that WeatherSignal generates can be added as a widget to your screen...
WeatherSignal uses your location, and utilizes the different sensors in your device to generate a report for your current location. Be warned that it might impact battery life. To get started, launch the app and visit your dashboard. Here, you will see a summary of everything the app can measure. Tap one of readings to see the app take a live measurement, or see historical readings.
dashboard flux

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Exclusive: Videocon Launches All-India Incoming Free Plan for Rs.1999

Videocon Telecommunications Limited, a Videocon group company that offers GSM mobile services under the brand name Videocon and having the license to operate GSM services in 7 circles across India, has launched All India incoming free plan for Rs.1999. The plan comes with a validity of 365 days and allows customers to enjoy free incoming in all the 22 circles across the country...
VIdeocon Roam Free plan Rs 1999

3G revolution or Data trap? – The truth behind Reliance 3G data at 2G rates

India’s largest dual technology telecom operator Reliance communications recently unveiled 3 very attractive 3G data packs for new and existing prepaid and postpaid subscribers in all 13 circles in which it holds 3G licenses. Reliance dubbed this offer as 3G data at 2G rates...
Reliance 3G mobile net plans

How To make Pendrive or USB Drive Bootable

We boot our computer with the help of Bootable OS CD/DVD.But sometime the CD/DVD is not available with us but we have the ISO image of the file.
So instead of burn that ISO image to a CD/DVD you can use your PenDrive/USB Drive as a bootable Device and boot your OS from that bootable USB Drive.
Question is how we make our PenDrive/USB Drive bootable.So here is a very Simple Solution.
For This You have to Download a software called "ULTRAISO"
You can Download it from links below..
link1                        link2
Click here than wait for few seconds and than click on skip add...

What Is Cydia Substrate For Android & How To Install Winterboard On It

The Cydia store has always been there for the rescue of many iOS users when their Android-wielding friends start mocking the iPhone for its lack of customization options. Admittedly, even a host of tweaks and themes cannot match the level of modification a custom ROM or root-level tweaks and mods for Android can offer, but having a collection of such root-level tweaks that can be applied to the device without having to flash files from recovery does have its advantages. So, some might find it bit absurd that Saurik has released Cydia Substrate and Winterboard in the Google Play Store, it can potentially take Android customization to a whole new level! In what follows, we’ll take a more detailed look at Cydia Substrate, and show you how to install it on your Android device, and get Winterboard (or any other extensions, as they become available) up and running afterwards...

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Airtel 3G VPN Trick(Full Speed) July-August 2013

New Airtel 3G VPN Trick(Full Speed)

We are Updated Config. File of Old NMD VPN

I am representing Airtel 3G Vpn trick which works all over India.A new blasting Airtel 3G trick which is almost working all over INDIA (Kerala,M.P , Chattsigarh , Maharashtra , Rajasthan ,West Bengal,Tamil Nadu) including UP EAST and UP WEST . Its a premium vpn based on TCP and UDP protocol and it gives Mind Blowing speed. This trick is very unique and had never been posted anywhere on internet before.We are using and testing this trick from one week and now we are sharing it with you all . We are giving you three different VPN'S so that to enjoy this trick at it's fullest......

Pinterest For Android & iOS Gets Push Notifications, Mentions & Auto-Suggestions

Pinterest hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other social networks, but its popularity is evident from the fact that a lot of services have been trying to emulate its concept and interface. The official Pinterest client arrived for Android only last year, but lacked many of the features that are necessary for making such a mobile app successful these days. There were no push notifications, creating new posts was a bit tricky and it wasn’t possible to mention your friends in comments on pins. It was a similar story for the iOS variant, as both apps have only minor differences. Finally though, the Pinterest team has rolled out an update for their mobile clients that addresses most of the issues we just mentioned...
Pinterest iOS Push Pinterest iOS Share

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thomson Reuters Eikon Becomes First Financial Markets Data Application for BlackBerry 10

Thomson Reuters Eikon app for bb10
Thomson Reuters today announced the release of Eikon for BlackBerry 10, the first financial markets data application to be developed using the native development tools for the BlackBerry 10 platform...
Thomson Reuters Eikon BlackBerry 10 App Features:
  1. It features a customized dashboard for quick access to a customer’s most important data.
  2. Market-moving news.
  3. List monitoring and saved news searches with synchronization to the Eikon desktop and a powerful briefcase feature for reading content offline.

Aircel Offers Free Aircel to Aircel Local Calling Between 6AM to 9AM

Aircel announced an outstanding and exciting addition to its already popular Aircel 3G mornings ;  Aircel to Aircel (A2A) local calling from 6:00 am to 9:00am for 30 days, will be offered absolutely FREE for its prepaid customers in various telecom circles across India...
aircel free local calling

5 Android apps to help manage your budget

5 Android apps to help manage your budget
With high economic pressures and rise in prices of commodities, your monthly budget can go completely haywire if you are an impulsive buyer. Keeping a tab on monthly expenditure can get really tedious at times. If you are an Android user, your smartphone could easily come to the rescue for tracking and budgeting your expenses. There are apps that help setting monthly budget goals, tracking expenditure and ensuring you don't spend on unnecessary items. Take a look at five such easy to use Android apps that will assist in managing your budget

[Giveaway] Play PC Racing Games With Your Android Or iPhone Using Tilt Racer

Though the trusty old keyboard and mouse combo works well for almost all PC games, the avid PC gamer never settles for anything less than what fits each genre the best, like the arcade fighting stick does fighting games and the Sidewinder does the racing genre. However, if your enthusiasm for PC games isn’t at the point where you’d want to spend the dough required to buy a separate controller, you can always settle for using your smartphone or tablet as one. There are now more than just a couple virtual gamepad apps available for both Android and iOS; some meant for all genres – such as DroidPadand WiFiPad – and others, like FlyPad for iPhone, that are focused on racing games. New to the market,Tilt Racer for Android and iOS aims to improve upon the latter with a better control scheme. Join us past the break to learn what it has to offer...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Idea Woos College Students with its ‘Campus Card’

After Vodafone and Aircel, it is now Idea Cellular, India’s 3rd largest telecom service provider that pleases young audience with its discounted voice and data plans. The company has today launched a new ‘Campus Card’ catering to the needs of college students in Delhi & NCR...
Idea Cellular Campus Pack

Auto-Set Google Now Backgrounds As Android Wallpaper By Time Of Day

Those of us who often use Google Now on their Android devices running Jelly Bean are bound to be awed by the background images of the app. What makes those wallpapers awesome is the way they automatically change based on your current local time. All of this however is restricted within the the app itself. Enter GoogleNowWallpapers – the wallpaper app that brings Google Now wallpapers to your home screen, from stars lit in the sky to a bright sunny sky. The app also changes them according to times split into Day, Dawn, Dusk, and Night. You can customize the time after which wallpapers will change to reflect the time of the day. Let’s take a closer look at this simple but distinct app after the jump...
GoogleNowWallpaper 08 GoogleNowWallpaper 12

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Airtel Introduces Special Offers for Ramzan

airtel ramzan Offer 2013
Airtel today announced the launch of exciting products for the Holy season of Ramzan. Airtel prepaid customers across West Bengal will now be able to use their mobile phones to listen to holy recitals of Namaz, Naad, Hidayat and much more and experience LIVE Namaz from the shrineat Mecca by just dialing 552786 on a one time activation charge of Rs.5 which will be chargeable at Rs.3 per day thereafter...

Kite patch makes people invisible to mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the bane of our existence. No doubt about it. If there was one species that could be selectively wiped out by an asteroid shower, it should be them. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen anytime soon, but what has happened is a convenient new device that seems to combat this problem in an unusual way...

The device in question, Kite Patch, is a simple square which you have to stick on your clothing. This square essentially works like an invisibility cloak against mosquitoes, turning the user invisible to the pests for up to 48 hours...
Kite cover

Easy Finder Is An Android Anti-Theft App With Remote Contacts Backup

Hop on to Google Play Store and you will find plenty of security apps designed to track your smartphone. Fresh out of the oven in this genre is NQ Mobile Easy Finder. While still being in beta, this Android app does a marvelous job of tracking your device if gets lost or stolen. The app can track your device, wipe any data stored on it, remotely snap a photo from its camera and email it to you, and more. It can also additionally back up your contacts. You can control the lost phone via your web browser by signing up for an NQ Mobile account...
Although mobile tracking and data wiping features are only available in premium version of the app, everything else is completely free to use, and works absolutely like a charm. To get started, launch the app and provide your email and password to sign up for an account. Having done that, activate Easy Finder feature by following the instructions provided. Next up, turn on Android security via PIN/password or pattern lock. This would ensure that the app alerts you in case an intruder tries to gain unauthorized access your device by trying to unlock it using the wrong password or pattern. You can specify your desired protection method directly from within the app interface, if you haven’t set one already...
NQ Mobile Easy Finder Beta_1 NQ Mobile Easy Finder Beta-2 NQ Mobile Easy Finder Beta-3

Monday, July 22, 2013

4G Round-up: Reliance Jio, Airtel, ZTE & More

reliance industriesVoice over 4G or LTE becomes more and more important to Reliance Jio Infocomm, as they asked for extension of another 6 months to keep testing VoLTE over its networks.
The telecom arm of Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Industries asked for allocation of 10,000 mobile numbers to test voice calls on its LTE-TD/4G network in October last year. The numbers are allocated in April this year and the permit was to expire on July 16. Reliance Jio has been given 4,000 numbers each for Mumbai and Delhi and 2,000 numbers for testing mobile services in Jamnagar...

Schedule Text Messages, Emails, Tweets & Facebook Posts On Android With Schemes

Productivity is all about management and scheduling. And if you’re doing everything on a timely basis, why not have the ability to communicate with friends and family on a planned time? That’s what Schemes aims to address. In short, it is a very simple yet handy Android app that lets you schedule four types of outgoing communications: SMS, emails, Tweets, and Facebook statuses. The best thing is that all of this is done without any unnecessarily complicated steps. By the way, did you know that the name of this app is actually an acronym? Read on to find out what it means!!!
Upon launching ‘Schemes’ for the first time, you’ll get a Welcome screen that will help you log in to Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail (other email services aren’t supported at the moment). You can choose not to log in with any of the services you don’t use (or simply don’t want to connect), and keep pressing the Next button. You can always login later as well...
2 Schemes for Android - Home

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Now compose emails on Google in full-screen

Afew days more and you will be able to compose your Google emails in full-screen,thanks to an update. The compose box, the way it is right now, is like the chat window on Google, only bigger. But once you’ve enabled this option, the compose box will appear at the centre of your inbox and expand to occupy your entire screen. Users have the option to either click on the expand button on the top right or select the Default to full-screen option in the more options menu on the bottom right...

Earbits Radio Mixes Local Music With Online Recommendations On Android

Music has been with mankind for as long as the recorded human history itself. Since music industry has grown into an incredible size, so has the ecosystem of apps and related services intertwined with it. For the past few years, services like, Spotify, Pandora etc. have become among the top choices of most users for listening to streaming music on almost every mobile and desktop platform. Though that doesn’t stop new entrants to hop onto the bandwagon and provide something fresh. Earbits Radio is an engaging music discovery app for Android and the web, and lets you listen to music that is stored on your local storage as well as stream it off the internet. The service is aimed at independent artists and labels who want to promote their music without much effort. It allows them to place bids and get discovered by users who use Earbits on the platform of their choice. More details after the jump...
The Android variant of Earbits sports a stylishly designed interface. The application automatically scans the music on your internal storage and presents alternative recommendations based on music genre of your local tracks. Tracks are played at random by Earbits, though you can control the music discovery level between your local tracks and those hosted on Earbits servers. Tapping a recommended genre from the home screen starts playback. Speaking of playback, the streaming quality is fairly top-notch and music is usually instantly found by the app. The playback screen itself looks elegant, with large album cover taking up most of the screen, along with playback controls for play/pause, next and previous at the bottom. You can also swipe left and right to quickly switch between playback and home screens...
Earbits Earbits_Playback Earbits_Swipe

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aircel Launches a Special Discounted Plan for College Students in Delhi

Aircel launches a special discounted plan for students in Delhi

It seems telecom operators are leaving no stone unturned these days to woo the young audiences with their discounted voice and data plans. Aircel, for instance, today launched a product for the college students in Delhi called ‘Fuccha Pack’ aimed at benefiting students with discounted voice calls, data and text services.

Flayvr Is An Auto Gallery Organizer For Android With Online Sharing Of Interactive Albums

Android’s native Gallery app has never been disappointing and suffices for most users, but it does leave much to be desired, especially by power users and media enthusiasts. If you want to organize or edit your albums, you have to resort to a third-party app, since the native app offers no such features, being entirely driven by the folders on your device’s storage. Enter Flayvr - an album organizer with dynamic previews for both pictures and videos. Released earlier for iOS, the app has been available on the App Store for quite some time, and has just made its way to Google Play Store as well. Let’s take a closer look at how it performs on Android, and the features it brings to the platform...
Flayvr 03 Flayvr 06

Friday, July 19, 2013

Player FM Is A Comprehensive Android Podcast Player With Auto Downloads

Over the past few years, podcasts have become increasingly easier to find, manage and listen to, thanks to several dedicated channels for them available on the web and in form of apps for pretty much every platform out there. We have seen several such apps for Android in the past, a few notable ones being AntennaPod, Volksempfanger and VoAudio. Player FM is the latest entrant in this genre that supports accounts as well as guest login, complete with support for sharing your own channel, automatic downloads for offline listening and manually downloading any podcast of your choice. With a choice of over 300 topics to choose from and more planned by the developers, you can always find something of interest, and set the ones you like as ‘favorites’ for quick access . With its widget and lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+) support, swipe navigation, and the fact that the app is free, Player FM has all the makings of an app that will make people want to explore and learn about stuff on the go. We take a closer look at the app after the break... 
Player FM 04 Player FM 02

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cloudii: One App To Access & Sync Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive & Box On Android

Names like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and SkyDrive have become synonymous to cloud storage. Each with their own appeal and distinct features, these services sport their own dedicated apps for both desktop and mobile platforms. If you happen to use more then just one of these services regularly, it is always more convenient to manage your accounts and data through a single app. Cloudii is just that app that allows you to to setup all four aforementioned cloud storage services on your Android device under one roof, and gives you some powerful settings for synchronizing and managing your files. The app gives users the ability to add multiple accounts for each supported service as well, along with some nifty additional features.The app requires Android 4.0 or above. Right after the jump, we take a look at what it has to offer and what makes it worthy of a mention...
Cloudii 11 Cloudii 10

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blackberry Launches New Q5 in India for Rs.24,990; to be available in all stores from July 20th

Blackberry Q5 in India
Blackberry today announced the much awaited and the third Blackberry 10 smartphone, the Blackberry Q5 in India. Flaunting a youthful design, the new Q5 features a classic QWERTY keyboard and a 3.1” touchscreen with a swipe based UI. Powered by Dual core 1.2 GHz Processor, the phone comes with a 2 GB RAM, 8 GB internal storage and a 32 GB micro SD slot.
The Q5 is packed with 5 MP rear facing camera with LED flash and 5x digital zoom, while a 2MP front facing camera with 3x digital zoom. Its connectivity features include Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE or HSPA+. Although the phone is targeted towards youth, it does not feature FM radio that’ll surely bring a disappointment to many...

How to Open or Sign-in to Multiple Facebook Accounts on Google Chrome

Almost all web browser has the facility to open or sign-in to more than one Facebook accounts in the single browser itself but hardly few people knows this thing.Most people open separate separate browser to open different different Facebook accounts.But here TimeSavior is providing you the official method to Open or Sign-in to Multiple Facebook Accounts on Single Browser...

Splay Launcher Redefines Android Home Screen Replacement With Unique, Pie-Like Navigation

Let’s face it, single-handed operation on mobile phone with a screen size of over 4.3 inches gets a bit tricky and as you up the screen size further, it almost becomes a challenge. Developed by Else Ltd., the company behind the smartphone ’First Else’ that never made it to the shelves, Splay Launcher for Android is another Home Launcher replacement, but what makes it stand out is its distinct interface that focus on single-handed operation. The app’s interface may remind some of you of the the much popular Pie feature from the Paranoid Android ROM. Think of it as a semi jog-dial containing three menu levels that are accessible via some intuitive swipe gestures. The app requires Android 4.0 + to work. Read on after the jump, as we take a closer look at the app and its interface...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Turn off Autoplay Function

Today i m going to show you

How to  Turn off stop Autoplay Function

By this you can save your system from Dangerious Virus

Create Image & Voice Notes On Android & Export To PDF With ArcNote

Note taking apps are common but most are limited to saving simple text notes. ArcNote is an audio and image note-taking app for Android from the developers of the famous Perfect365 image editing app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows. It’s a break from the normal text-based notes apps that you usually come across; you can directly take a camera shot or use one of the images already saved on your device for image notes. A single note can contain multiple images and audio recordings. Images can be edited so that only a particular user-defined area is highlighted. ArcNote isn’t for jotting down a quick address, nor is it useful when you want to make a quick grocery list. It’s more suitable when you can take a picture of whatever information you need to save, like a business card, a poster or sign, or even a whiteboard, or quickly capture audio, for example an important part of a lecture, interview, presentation or just some instructions from your significant other before you go out shopping. While notes themselves aren’t text based, you can add comments to any image in a note. Images can be edited individually, or even in batch...
Notes can be grouped into categories. To add a new note, click the plus sign and choose whether you want to add an image or audio note. With images, you have the choice to take a picture or to use one from your gallery...
ArcNote ArcNote new note

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tuneup Utlilties 2010 Keys, Serial etc

Today i m going to show you

Tuneup Utilities 2010

Switch to Windows Phone Finds WP8 Alternatives For Your Android Apps

Windows Phone has slowly started to establish its position as the ‘other’ smartphone platform, for people who have had enough of Android and iOS and want something different. You have to admit that Microsoft’s mobile OS is pretty unique and comes with a neat interface. Furthermore, it got a slew of new features with the release of WP8. A fair amount of users are willing to make WP8 devices their first smartphones but in order for the platform to grow rapidly, there’s still a great need for more users to switch from competing platforms like iOS and Android. The biggest hurdle faced by Microsoft in getting these smartphone users to give WP8 a chance is the perception that WP Store lacks quality apps. This was true till a few months back, but Microsoft has lately been actively trying to dispel the notion. There are some pretty decent apps available for WP8 now, and you are likely to find an alternative for most iOS/Android apps if you are not too picky. To prove the point, Switch to Windows Phone has been released in the Google Play Store and WP Store. The app suggests Windows Phone alternatives to Android apps for people who are thinking about switching platforms...
Switch to Windows Phone Android Welcome Switch to Windows Phone Android Check Switch to Windows Phone Android Apps

Sunday, July 14, 2013

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