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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Latest Airtel 3g Trick 3 July 2013

This is the time for airtel highspeed internet. Airtel always being helpful for me as i used to airtel free internet always without any internet plan. Most of us thinks that the tricks we r posting fake tricks. Its not true my dearssome of the users posted nebulous tricks which theyprovided just for some gaining.
I m using airtel tricks for free about 5 years. My idea is to convey the tricks to someone needy who wants to use this tricks. I m posting again wonderful trick which is highspeedproxy + unlimited downloading + no speed capping problems. This is proxy tricks so you have to change configuration setting of your mobile to use this trick.

Change you configuration setting of mobile as follows :- 

Configuration Setting Name : HRJ Tricks

Access point :
Port : 80
HomePage : or or
Proxy : or

If U find any difficulty in 
proxy or proxy setting then post your comment and your query. I will give you alternate proxy for that. Please specify your region where you are using.      

Make use of 
default airtel internet setting. Check this trick below Rs 1 so to avoid any balance deduction. Support Us on Facebook to provide u updated information.


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  2. It is working but speed is very slow.

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  4. thanks bro
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