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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Control The Camera Of One Android Or iOS Device Using Another With Remote Shot

Just recently, one of my AddictiveTips colleagues covered WiFi Camera, an iOS app that, by pairing a couple of iDevices together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allows one to snap photos with the camera of the other. As is often the case, whenever an interesting app arrives on one platform, users across the other platform tend to become curious about the availability of similar apps for their devices. While it is unknown whether or not WiFi Camera will be made available to Android users, we do have a very fine alternative for our readers. Remote Shot is a free Android and iOS app that works in almost the same way as WiFi Camera, meaning that you can remotely view and capture whatever the camera of the other device is looking at. However, connection can only be established over Bluetooth. Once paired, you have complete control over the camera of the target device, including toggling between front and rear camera view, capturing images or videos, selection of flashlight mode, and triggering the self-timer or burst mode...
Remote-Shot-Android-ViewFinder Remote-Shot-Android-Devices

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get Windows Phone 8 Lock & Start Screen On Android With LauncherWP8

Originally released in the Google Play Store in Chinese and later on translated into English by a couple of XDA members, LauncherWP8 is a Metro Modern UI-based free, customizable home and lock screen replacement app for Android. The launcher replicates the Windows Phone 8 UI to quite an extent, and puts you in complete control over the modification of various home screen elements, including the overall theme, the number, title, placement & layout of tiles and the associated app shortcuts & widgets. LauncherWP8 comes with a search tool for apps and a Windows Phone-like app drawer that displays all apps in alphabetical order on a vertically scrolling list. In addition, it comes packed with a customizable lockscreen whose layout, background image and font color can be tweaked as desired. While the launcher impresses with its extensive set of customizable features, it has leaves much to be desired when it comes to performance. However, if you are willing to overlook the slight lag, you will find the Windows Phone 8 launcher a treat to use...

Monday, October 29, 2012

5 Password managers for your Android

5 Password managers for your Android
So, you have a personal e-mail account, an official e-mail account, accounts on social networking sites, cloud storage, accounts on online shopping sites, bank accounts, and are an active member of several forums. Now, that’s too many passwords to remember, and the worst you could do is assigning the same password for all accounts and hamper their security. Mobile apps, which have been built for almost every purpose, have some nifty options that could serve as password managers. If you are an Android user, then there are several password managing apps, which will ensure that you don't have to bother to remember many passwords and keep your data safe and secure at the same time. We have listed out five such password managers for Android users.

KeePassDroid - Free

Newscover For Android: Neat News App With Latest Videos & Tweets Related To Each Story

Available in English and Spanish, Newscover is an elegant news reader for web, iOS and Android that presents you with the top news stories from five of the most sought-after categories, including current affairs, business, style, technology and sports. Through a well-crafted layout, not only does this free mobile app let you filter content in multiple ways, but also lets you keep an eye on what the worldwide Twitter community has to say about a particular story. Unlike most news readers, Newscover is void of any customization. However, its support for some of the most trusted and reputed sources, such as Yahoo!, Daily Mail, The Guardian, CNN, Telegraph and Reuters should prove to be sufficient for most. Besides sharing and bookmarking your favorite stories, you also get relevant news and videos with each article. Another neat little feature of Newscover is the way it assorts and presents all bookmarked articles under their respective channels on the same screen...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wild Blood Review

The mobile gaming industry has been updated once again with the introduction of the Unreal Gaming Engine. Gamefloft’s all-new RPG – Wild Blood – has ushered in a new era in tablet/mobile phone gaming and it looks like it will go a long way. That being said, it does still have a long way to go. So here’s a quick look at this third person RPG set in a magical medieval time, tested on the iPad 2...

In case you’re not too familiar with the tale of King Arthur, here goes. Once upon a time in a place called Camelot, there lived a King and Queen. King Arthur, thought to be a wise and just man, loved and married the lovely lady Guinevere. Shortly after they were married, a lonely Knight named Lancelot (the black Knight to some) came strolling along into the kingdom, bringing with him a drama that could have very well been the start of the first soap opera. 
Was Lancelot a dwarf? The Doors seemed too large and so does his sword
Was Lancelot a dwarf? The Doors seemed too large and so does his sword

CallFlakes Links Caller IDs To Facebook Profiles, Allows Quick Call & SMS Follow-Up

If you’re often required to follow up on important calls and text messages with instant replies or reminders, but don’t want to rely on a number of different apps to do so, then you should give CallFlakes a try. Fresh to the Play Store, this free Android app offers some of the most sought-after follow-up options for whenever you receive a text message or hang up a call. Using the various options on offer, you can opt to call back your contacts, reply via text message or email, set a reminder, schedule a meeting or share important files. Better yet, once you affiliate your Facebook ID with CallFlakes, you can also take advantage of the app’s caller ID replacement screen to view your friends’ Facebook profile pictures and latest Wall activities...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Malware found in 'Updates' app on Google Play

Now expanding to support the purchase of movies and magazines

Even after the recent addition of a malware scanner on the Google Play store, malware is still finding its way to the store. According to PCMag, a trojan has been found on Google Play. The trojan, named FakeLookout.A, steals personal information from devices where it is installed, and transmits all the information to a remote FTP server. The owner of the FTP server has not beenidentified yet...

Share Local & Cloud Files Privately Using Bistri For Android

Bistri is a relatively fresh private file sharing and video chatting web service that lets users share photos, videos and document files with their friends and family. Besides offering its users with a readily available, secure file sharing platform, Bistri impresses with its support for a large number of sharing media, including Facebook, Jabber, Windows Live, Google, Yahoo!, Dropbox and more. The company has just released a companion app in the Google Play Store that allows Android users to access, view and share their personal Bistri content on the move. The mobile app is laced with quite a few neat features, such as integration with cloud services like Dropbox & SkyDrive, commenting on shared content, complete profile management, instant sharing of local media, a visually attractive timeline of your sharing activities on Bistri, a built-in file explorer, and the best of all, a dedicated gallery with separate filters for images and other shared content. Like the service itself, the mobile app of Bistri is free to use, and what’s even better is that your contacts can view shared content even if they don’t have the app...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Facebook to discontinue Questions feature

Facebook irks users

ACnet report confirms that Facebook is slowly pulling its Questions feature out of the picture. A Facebook representative said that the decison has been made so that Facebook could focus on other things. The Questions feature will be unavailable for user access soon, it will still be available on Groups and Pages. Facebook Questions, which was launched in beta in 2010, allowed users to ask their friends and other Facebook contacts mutiple-choice questions, thus enabling users to poll there friends and the Facebook user base at large...

Official Android App Of VPN Service TunnelBear Now Available In Play Store

The official Android app of popular VPN service, TunnelBear, has just been released to the Google Play Store. Initially available for Windows and Mac only, TunnelBear now allows Android users to privately browse the internet on their mobile devices with complete freedom. With this free app running on your device, you no longer have to worry about not being able to access location-restricted websites or services, such as Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, Netflix and Pandora. Unlike most Android VPN tools, TunnelBear works on both rooted and non-rooted devices, and more importantly, can be downloaded and used without paying a dime. Apart from its overall effectiveness, the app’s interface is praiseworthy, since it’s both intuitive as well as quite simple to use. If you’ve ever used TunnelBear on desktop, you won’t have much trouble using its mobile counterpart. Once activated, the app’s services can be monitored and toggled from anywhere within the entire OS through the TunnelBear notification panel widget...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Broadband adoption rate in India continues its climb: Report

As per figures released at the end of a report by Akamai Technologies, broadband adoption rate in India has continued to grow, registering a year-on-year growth in excess of 100 percent, as reported by Broadband adoption quarter-over-quarter increased 17 percent. At present the moment India has only 0.1 percent connections that can be counted as high broadband connections. As per Akamai, connections at speeds of 4Mbps or higher qualify as broadband, while connections at speeds of 10Mbps or more qualify as high broadband...

Google Play Store 3.9.16 Brings Expandable Notifications, Removal Of Apps From ‘All’ List & More

The official Android client of Google Play Store has just been updated with quite a few significant features. Currently standing at version 3.9.16, the official Play Store Android app now allows you to remove uninstalled app entries from your All Apps list. Another tiny yet sought-after feature is the app’s ability to remember your position on both the All Apps and My Apps list for whenever you navigate away from either. Several feature enhancements can also be noticed in the app’s notification system. For instance, for each newly installed app, you are now presented with its original icon rather than the generic one that used to appear in the notification panel. Support for expandable notifications, as well as the overall count for the total number of ready-to-be-updated apps has also been added. The update has already started rolling out to worldwide users, but if you can’t wait for it to come to you, we have a download link to its APK at the end of this post...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Panasonic launches lightweight Toughbook CF-SX2

Toughbook that weighs a mere 1.21kgs
Panasonic Toughbook has recently introduced in India the Panasonic CF-SX2 ultra-light notebook meant for people on the move. Though the ruggedness of the notebook is its highlighted feature, the CF-SX2 features other interesting attributes such as a battery that Panasonic claims to last up to 14 hours, a built-in DVD optical drive, 3G connection capabilities and weighs 1.21 kg, making it very portable...

Google+ Update For Android & iOS Adds Support For Pages & Post Editing

There can be no denying the fact that Google+ has not yet proved to be the Facebook-killer many people initially thought it would be, but Google’s social network does have its positives. While there are great features like Hangouts for individual users, Google+ Pages offer businesses a convenient way of interacting with the user -base en masse. It has always been a source of disappointment to the social network’s Android and iOS-using fans that the Google+ clients for these platforms do not support Pages and work only for individual profiles. Thankfully, the issue has finally been addressed in the latest update. While support for Pages is the only major change in the Android app, the iOS version also lets its users edit past posts, and if you are on an iPad, you can find people and posts via the search option present in the main menu (a feature hitherto only available on the iPhone)...
Google-Plus-iPhone-Edit-PostGoogle  iOS 6 Find People

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tapestry Allows Real-Time Photo Streaming Across Multiple Android Devices

There are numerous Android photo sharing apps available in the Google Play Store, and quite a few of them are based on the concept of real-time photo syncing or streaming across multiple devices, both over the same network and over the internet. Previously-reviewed Familiar is arguably one of the finest solutions in this regard, as it supports cross-platform private photo-syncing with friends and family in real-time. Fresh out of the oven, Tapestry is another promising app from the genre. Although not as comprehensive as Familiar, Tapestry lets you privately share your photos with required contacts in real-time over Wi-Fi as well as the internet. Streaming takes place in full-screen, where the sender has control over switching, zooming and panning of images, and the recipients can effortlessly enjoy the stream, and download their favorite photos with a mere swipe. Besides being a handy photo sharing tool, Tapestry can also serve as a nifty alternative to the stock Android Gallery app.Tapestry-Android-HomeTapestry-Android-Contacts

Windows 8-based Dell XPS 12, XPS One 27, Inspiron One 23 up for pre-order

Microsoft is all set to release its latest operating system, Windows 8 at the end of this month. According to PCMag, Dell has now started taking pre-orders for its Windows 8-based devices.

The Dell XPS 12 was first showcased by the company during this year’s IFA event. Along with desktop apps, the XPS 12 will also be able to run touch-based apps due to the 12-inch touch screen on the device. The XPS 12 is being advertised by the company as two products in one – a laptop as well as a tablet. The laptop has a flip-hinge design that allows it to convert from laptop to tablet. The pricing for the Dell XPS 12 starts at $1,199 (around Rs 63,451)...
The Dell XPS 12 convertible ultrabook

Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple may unveil iPad mini on October 23

Samsung claims an iPad Mini coming this year

It is widely believed that Apple will showcase a new product, the iPad mini, in the fourth quarter of this year. As its name suggests, the iPad mini is a smaller version of the popular iPad tablet from Apple. While there is official confirmation of the existence of this device, leaks about it have been aplenty. The 7.85-inch tablet is now expected to be unveiled on October 23...

Official Asus PadFone 2 photos leaked on Twitter

Gets leaked before official announcement

Prior to the launch of the Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia's flagship smartphone Lumia 920, official images of the handsets were leaked on Twitter by @evleaks, giving the world a glimpse of what to expect once the devices get officially announced. Since then, the Twitter user has posted several other leaks about handsets from various manufacturers. It appears that @evleaks is become a thorn in the side of Asus this time. Evleaks has now posted official imagesof the Asus PadFone 2 that has not been announced yet...

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Broadband Internet at 1Gbps to make an appearance by mid-2013

By the middle of next year, you may be able to download a two-hour movie in 30 seconds. Telecom Infrastructure firm, Radius Infratel has revealed that residential broadband consumers may see downloads get speedier with ultra-fast download speeds reaching 1Gbps by mid-2013. The company has projected that these new changes may take effect across nine Indian cities. “In the next six--nine months, world class 1,000 Mbps or 1Gbps (Gigabits per second) plans will be available in India to residential consumers. On connections like these, the same two hour HD movie will download in 30 seconds...A two-hour movie in high definition version will be about 2.2GB size,” reports quoted Radius Infratel CEO Rajnish Wahi as saying...
Home to most Internet subscribers in the country! (Image credit: Getty Images)

Capital One Financial Corp latest victim of Cyber Attack

Capital One Financial Corp. said it’s the latest target in a new round of coordinated cyber attacks aimed at disrupting the websites of major U.S. banks, and SunTrust Banks Inc. and Regions Financial Corp. said they expect to be next...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Security flaw in 3G could allow anyone to track your smartphone

New privacy threats have been uncovered by security researchers that could allow every device operating on 3G networks to be tracked, according to research from the University of Birmingham with collaboration from the Technical University of Berlin.
Researchers said that standard off-the-shelf equipment, such as femtocells, could be used to exploit the flaw, allowing the physical location of devices to be revealed...

View Latest Price Drops Of Android Apps In The Play Store With AppZapp


AppZapp is a cross-platform, free mobile app discovery tool for Android and iOS-powered devices, with a dedicated desktop-based syncing solution for App Store users. Besides being a neatly-designed app exploration tool, AppZapp excels in bringing its users the latest price drops and offers on apps from their respective mobile app stores. In addition, it helps you find the latest apps to hit the market, check update changelogs of your favorite apps, stay informed of price changes for paid apps, and bookmark favorite apps to monitor their progress in terms of price, as well as updates. Alongside each app, you’re presented with a brief description, technical details, screenshots, star ratings, graphical representation of price changes over time, and a link to its store page. The iOS variant of the app has been around for a while, while the Android version has just recently been released to the Play Store.,,

Friday, October 19, 2012

Russian Web proxy with backdoors, Distributing malware

_originalAntivirus company Symantec has detected a malicious campaign in which hackers managed to deceive thousands of people allegedly signed by a paid proxy service. They expose that hundreds of thousands of users signing up for a cheap and supposedly legitimate proxy service have ended up downloading malware and being ensnared into a botnet...

Generate Your Own Rich Notifications With Notif For Android Jelly Bean

If you find conventional Android alarm clock, reminder, to-do list and task management apps out there a bit too arduous to work with, and are looking for a faster and simpler solution, here’s an app that might spark your interest. Fresh to the market, Notif is a fully customizable notification generating app for Android Jelly Bean devices. The app lets you create personalized notifications in as many as four different ways. Designed to take advantage of JB’s rich notification feature, the app can be used to simultaneously add multiple custom notifications to the concerned area on your device in the form of a one-line alert or an expandable notification. In the latter’s case, you have the option to create a notification comprising a custom title and text message, a notification containing a photo, as well one containing a list of items. You have control over everything ranging from the notification icon to the nature (temporary, ongoing, importance-wise), type, number and content of notifications...
Notif-Android-Type1 Notif-Android-Icon

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anonymous claims attacking Greek official websites

Anonymous Group taken down several Greek government websites, on the eve of a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Hackers Hack several sites including those of the Citizens Protection Ministry, the police and the Ministry of Justice. A message appeared saying: "The page cannot be found"....

AppDJ Suggests Android Apps Based On Your Interest Level For Each Category


Looking for a simple Android app discovery tool? You’d be hard-pressed to find a simpler solution thanAppDJ. While most alternatives focus on presenting the latest Android apps from the Google Play Store under various user-specified criteria and genres, AppDJ offers a maximum of five different app categories and discovery criteria – Popularity, Trending, Entertainment, Productivity and Lifestyle – according to which it fetches all its content. The app’s UI comprises resizable bars, each referring to one of the five aforementioned categories or criteria, where the height of each bar determines the ratio of apps falling under that category that will appear in suggestions. Instead of cluttering your screen with a multitude of categories, AppDJ offers all the apps under just the five mentioned categories. For example, security tools can be found under the Productivity tab, media players under Entertainment, and personalization tools are grouped with the Lifestyle category...
More than any other aspect, it’s the user experience of AppDJ that makes it a worthy contender in its genre. Just by tweaking the lengths of a handful of bars, you can set the exact mix of app suggestions that you’re looking to get. And it’s all pretty hassle-free, too, since you don’t have to sift through any pre-configuration menus. Instead, it’s all a touch away on the app’s home screen...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We Are Being Held in Cyber Handcuffs

Hello my Princes of Peace, Warriors of the Revolution, Princesses of the cause, I want you to take two minutes and watch this video:

This video is the epitome of the ignorance and arrogance of governments all over the world in response to our cyber war revolution...

As you will see, the power people all gathered to warn themselves and the world of the “threat” of the hackers gangs of teenagers running wild on the internet hacking into governments and threatening our safety. EXCUSE ME?? Just who is threatening who here?

ezNetScan For Android: Get Detailed Info For Devices Connected To Your Network

There are plenty of feature-packed network monitoring and remote connection management Android apps out there, with previously-reviewed WiFinspect being one of the most comprehensive. However, not all tools come with support for fetching in-depth hardware and software information from SNMP-enabled devices connected to your home network. This is exactly where ezNetScan looks to pip ahead of other contemporary solutions available in the market. ezNetScan presents you with extensive details about the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to, and all the various devices that are hooked to the network itself. Using this completely free, tablet-optimized app, not only can view your Wi-Fi network’s details, but also interact with the connected devices in multiple ways. For instance, it lets you send ping requests to the required device, scan active TCP ports and/or external IP network, trace network routes, remotely send Wake-On-LAN requests, perform DNS lookup, share network information with your friends or the device vendor, and most importantly, use the app’s SNMP support to read hardware/software details for required devices...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anonymous Hackers attack Masonic Child Identification Program website

Anonymous+attack+on+Masonic+company+for+Forced+Chipping+of+KidsA group of computer hackers Anonymous goes by the name xPsych0path has accuse Masonichip for unwillingness to accept the forced chipping of children they are working toward mitigating it by disrupting the chipping operation. They have built their own operation, in opposition to this issue. In #OpMasonChip is designed to express publicly their anger. He had the following to say about this operation;

We are fighting against putting RFID chips inside children by masons they have plan to put chips in all of us and those who don't want it won't be able to buy and sell. So I down all those site's for them” on pastebin...

Official AOL On App For iPhone, iPad & Android Now Available

News can prove to be a tad bland at times. Sometimes, one just need some spice and glamor, with a little bit of current affairs thrown in. That is what AOL is all about. The service offers a perfect blend of news, technology articles, showbiz stories and some pretty great humor. The best thing about AOL is its dependency on videos and visual content, rather than written items. Now, you can access all that and more on the go using the official AOL On app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app lets you view breaking news and regular video segments from AOL, search by keyword and category and share any video clip to social media, making sure that you’re never out of touch with the latest from around the world in a way much less dry than your conventional news video app...
AOL ON iOS Categories AOL ON iOS Home AOL ON iOS Video

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hacker group RedHack faces up to 24 years in prison for terrorist crimes

As part of an investigation launched by Başsavcıvekilliği in Ankara on March 20 arrested seven people, including college students. 13 of the indictment prepared by the prosecutor's office in Ankara Was adopted by the High Criminal Court...

Protect Your Android Device From ‘Dirty USSD’ Hack Using ESET USSD Control

Just recently, we discussed in detail about a vulnerability in Android’s stock dialer app that can allow certain USSD codes hidden behind web links to completely wipe your personal data, and how you can prevent such hack attempts using the Bitdefender USSD Wipe Stopper tool. Available in the Google Play Store for free, ESET USSD Control is yet another handy solution coming from a trusted company that helps you protect your Android device from falling an easy prey to ‘dirty USSD’ hack attempts. Once installed, the tool keeps running in the background, alerting users in case a potentially harmful USSD code is about to be executed on their devices. If a situation arises where your network provider, or worse, a hacker tries to access your device via some sort of a USSD code, the app prompts you to first determine the nature of the code by using ESET USSD Control as the default dialer app. It then scans the code for any potential threat and informs you whether it is safe to execute the code or not...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Best Video Players For Android

I remember the days when the coolest cellphone was the smallest and most compact one and in the course of a few more years, out came PDAs; some with phone functionality and some as a personal assistant. The screens on those things were huge but they made for some very good multimedia players, something that carried into what we now term as Smartphones. Phones were again headed for an increase in screen size and a larger screen soon became sought after. Phones were soon judged by their screen quality and the ability to play videos. Today however, most smartphones have decent screens in terms of both side and resolution and furthermore, their CPU, GPU and RAM specs are also adequate enough for the job. So now the question isn’t which phone plays videos better but rather whichapp is able to play videos better than the other. Of course, a countless other questions arise, like, ‘which player will support 1080p playback?’ or ‘does this player support subtitles?’ or if you’re more aesthetically conscious, ‘which player has the best UI?’. In what follows, we will try and answer these questions and a few more, as we list down some of the best Android video player apps out there today.


Better 3D Maps, imagery in iOS 6 Maps now

After Apple introduced iOS 6, the brand received an incredible amount of flak for its under-par Maps service. This prompted Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue an apology to its users. He even went as far as suggesting alternative applications to use until Apple meets customers' expectations. As per a report by MacRumors, it appears that Apple is already putting the effort in, and moving quickly to address issues with its default mapping application. It now has improved coverage for 3D maps, and better imagery.

As per MacRumors, “While improvements have been ongoing, MacRumors forum members yesterday began noticing what appears to be a larger set of additions to the 3D content in the Maps app, including both the satellite/aerial imagery and the standard maps. One region that was among the first to be noticed was the New York City area, with a number of improvements including new 3D imagery of the Statue of Liberty being seen.”
Improvements noticeable

Bitdefender USSD Wipe Stopper Protects Against ‘Dirty USSD’ Remote Reset Hack On Android

Android might be making steady progress as a hyper-customizable and user-friendly mobile operating system, but on the other hand, it also doesn’t seem to part ways with the various system-level vulnerabilities that keep rearing their heads at frequent intervals. The latest threat to haunt Google’s mobile OS is perhaps the most destructive of the lot. Initially detected in just a handful of Samsung phones (starting from Samsung Galaxy S III), the problem has reportedly spread across a broad range of devices, including Motorola Defy (running the custom CyanogenMod ROM) and HTC One X (running HTC Sense 4.0) etc. Apparently, it’s the Android’s stock dialer app that is reported to be accepting certain unauthorized USSD codes (from malicious code that could be hiding behind links on webpages), which results in your device being wiped completely. Numerous security companies have been releasing solutions to tackle the issue, and the familiar name of Bitdefender too has come to the forefront. The company’s latest security tool, USSD Wipe Stopper, does exactly what its name implies. Once installed, the app displays whether your device is infected by the ‘dirty USSD’ attack or not. In addition, it lets you select the default dialer app that should confront any such remote attacks...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jelly Bean Tablets from WickedLeak – Wammy Desire & Athena

It seems Jelly Bean is getting its popularity among Android device manufacturers. Many Indian companies are investing on budget Android tablet PC segment. Some days back all vendors are rolling out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich based tablets. But it seems Jelly Bean flood is coming soon, as just yesterday we shared about Zync Z-930 which is promised to have Jelly Bean update. Just after Zync’s release, WickedLeak, another tablet manufacturer from India has announced availability of two Jelly Bean tablets under its Wammy series – Wammy Athena and Wammy Desire.
Wammy Desire and Athena

Real Widget Adds Custom Windows Phone-Like Tiles To Your Android Home Screen

You might be aware of the fact that there are plenty of Android homescreen replacement apps out there that merely focus on replicating the looks of the Windows Phone UI. However, what if you wished to enjoy the same Metro Modern UI-style tiles on your Android homescreen without having to use to a full-fledged WP7 launcher? Real Widget is a customizable widget for your Android’s homescreen that comprises multiple tiles, each providing instant access to your favorite apps, system shortcuts, power toggles and widgets etc. You have ample control over the items the widget should sport. For each tile, you have the option to specify a custom size, icon, shortcut, background type and the overall layout. Ranging from your favorite contact’s info card to a third-party app of choice, you can select from whatever item you like, and in whatever numbers you please...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Micromax Funbook Talk Arrives for Rs 7,199

Micromax has added another tablet under its Funbook series as a new Funbook dubbed as Funbook Talk P350 has been spotted over Spice Group’s e-shopping portal for Rs 7,199...

LG, Google may launch next Nexus smartphone by November

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of speculation about the upcoming Google handset that will supposedly be manufactured by LG. According to a report by CNET, the handset will be unveiled by the end of this month. Now, a report by Pocket-lint states that the handset will be launched by November...

As per the report, “Our own intel, which we've refrained from publishing until now, suggests that the LG Nexus will be launching in November. We are also hearing that O2 will be the lead network in the UK, although we stress we haven't independently verified this yet.”
Hitting shelves next month

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Share, Group & Sync Documents Across Multiple Platforms With Twindocs

Twindocs desktop tool
Nowadays, there are lots of services available on the internet that allow you to upload large amounts of data for either sharing with others, or accessing it from a secondary device. Services such as Dropbox,, Google Drive and SkyDrive all provide users with the ability to store their documents online and sync them with multiple devices. Most of these services let you upload files and manage them by using a combination of both Windows services and web portals. For instance, Dropbox enables you to easily upload files by copying or moving them to a specified folder. Any files that you place within the folder will be uploaded to the online storage in real time. Today, we have a service called Twindocs that allows you to send and receive multiple documents at a time using a desktop tool or web portal. Supporting all widely used operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS, it lets you easily upload, manage and sync documents with all configured devices...

Automate Android Network Switching & Other Settings Based On Connection With Home WiFi

For our Android readers, we have frequently been bringing some very helpful home network management and automation solutions in the form of Sentry, Smart Settings, Better WiFi On/Off and Simplify etc. With each of the aforementioned solutions covering most of the bases required to gain complete control of your Android’s internet connectivity, one might so easily be forced to believe that there is no new potential area that can be exploited. As ever, you (just like me) are about to be proven wrong. New to the Play Store, FBarrosoApps’ Home Network Settings is a simple yet very handy Android connection and profile manager that has the capacity to automatically switch between network connections, device security settings and sound profiles based on whether you’re connected to your home network or not. Personalization lies at the heart of this nifty, Holo-themed Android app, as it allows you to select your preferred home network(s), and more importantly, the behavior of your device whenever it connects/disconnects to/from the specified network. Keeping your personal preferences in focus, the app can automatically control multiple parameters, including your device’s Wi-Fi radio, Bluetooth, mobile data, auto-sync, sound profile, and even unlock method. Details past the break...
Home-Network-Settings-Android-Home Home-Network-Settings-Android-Lock