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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Save DOS Command Output to a Text File

When we use DOS, the output of the DOS command display in the black screen. Using this trick you can store the output result in a text file. This method is very helpful for those who wants to print the output result or send it via email. Follow the below steps to save DOS output to a text file.
DOS Command to a Text File
  • Just put “>(without quote) after command then “path(without quote) , where you want to save. Look the below picture for better understand.
Save DOS Command Output to a Text File
  • Help command display all help information of DOS. To save these information to “D:\” drive, you have to type >D:\help.txt after help command.

Other Examples:

1) Outputs help text of the command “mkdir” to the file “dir.txt” in “G” drive.
mkdir /? > G:\dir.txt
2) Outputs the IP configurations to the file “ip.txt” in “C” drive.
ipconfig> C:\ip.txt
This is very simple trick to save the output of DOS in a text file. If you don’t add a path, it automatically save in “C” drive.

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