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Monday, July 9, 2012

Firefox for Android is now out of beta

Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular browser on both desktop and mobile devices, has announced an upgrade for its web browser for android phones. The most notable features are the HTML5 support and the claim of being more than 3 times faster than its previous version.

The new version will be compatible only with devices running android 2.2 or higher. And it witnesses far better rendering performance and loading speeds than almost every other browser there is for android. But the best part of the new release is the all new revamped user interface which is ought to receive positive reviews in the days to come.
The new firefox has many tweaks to fasten your browsing experience on your android device which includes improved tabbed browsing and direct google search from the address bar. It supports Adobe Flash, so next time watching your favorite video on youtube won’t be a problem. Firefox sync support for your bookmarks and tabs is an added feature which works like a charm.
Eideticker, a new benchmark developed by Mozilla, which measures the actual user Web experience, shows that the new version is two times faster than the default android browser. While the new version has improved a lot which can give some stiff competition to its rivals, it still has to do a lot to be the best in the market. Give it a try if you are a mozilla fan, you might just love it.

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