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Monday, July 7, 2014

172 Best Android Apps By HRJ Tricks

2014 was yet another great year for Android and its app ecosystem, with developers really making best use of the power offered by the world’s most popular mobile operating system, resulting in many apps that left us spellbound. My personal favorites from this year include Aviate launcher, Cover lock screen, Fleksy keyboard, Switchr, PushBullet, Themer, Smart Launcher, Disa, Lightning Browser, DashClock, Tonido, Condi, Timely, Simplenote, Readmill, NicePlayer, Focal, Spotflux, Duolingo and 9GAG, and these are just the ones that I have been actively using since first trying them. Needless to say, these aren’t the only great apps from the year. So, join us as we take a look at 180 best Android apps from 2014 (including the ones mentioned above) that we’ve covered for you here at HRJ Tricks.

Note that the order in which apps appear in this list does not reflect their ranking in any manner; we have simply started with the most recent ones covered in December, and proceeded backwards till January.
1. Loopr (A faster, more fluid alternative to Android’s default app switcher.)
Loopr Launch Left Loopr-Sensitivity
2. News+ (Awesome news and RSS feed reader from the developers of gReader.)
News  for Android 03
3. Cover (Intelligent lock screen that lets you quickly access the right apps at the right time and place.)
Cover_LockScreen Cover_Lockscreen2 Cover_Sidebar
4. Fleksy (The best looking Android keyboard we’ve seen, with great accuracy & customization options.)
Fleksy Keyboard for Android Featured
5. dodol Launcher (Gorgeous home screen replacement app with loads of great themes.)
dodol Launcher_Main dodol Launcher
6. dodol Locker (Beautiful lockscreen replacement with many great looking themes.)
Dodol Locker for Android 01 Dodol Locker for Android 02
7. Tweedle (Full-featured Twitter client with a price tag of free.)
Tweedle_Main Tweedle_Themes
8. Branches (Twitter client with focus on staying up to date with individual accounts of your interest.)
Branches for Twitter Branches for Twitter 2
9. AirStream (Robust solution for browsing the contents of your computer across different platforms.)
AirStream_Main AirStream_Main 2
10. AllCast (One app for streaming videos from Android to Apple TV, Roku, Xbox & any DLNA device.)
AllCast for Android 1 AllCast for Android 3
11. Redirect File Organizer (Automatically organizes the files on your device based on custom rules.)
Redirect File Organizer for Android 01 Redirect File Organizer for Android 02
12. VSCO Cam (The popular iPhone photography app now available on Android.)
VSCO Cam VSCO Cam_Edit VSCO Cam_Journal
13. MomentCam (Turn your photos into customizable sketches with several templates.)
Screenshot_2013-12-03-17-05-11 Screenshot_2013-12-03-17-12-39
14. beat (Minimal-looking music player with support for songs stored on Google Drive & Dropbox.)
beat_Main beat_Cloud
15. SidePlayer (Get music playback controls anywhere in Android by swiping from an edge.)
SidePlayer_Home Screen SidePlayer_Browser
16. Streambels (Stream Android media to AirPlay & DLNA devices.)
Streambels Streambels_Music
17. (Send downloads directly to your mobile device while browsing on your PC.)
Downiton mobi_Web
18. MacroDroid (Create or download different useful templates for automating tasks on your device.)
MacroDroid Device Automation for Android 01 MacroDroid Device Automation for Android 02
19. Noozy (Music player with an impressive set of audio effects & filters.)
Noozy Noozy Now Playing Noozy Settings
20. 500 Firepaper (Automatically changes Android wallpaper using photos from 500px.)
500 Firepaper 07 500 Firepaper 09 500 Firepaper 01
21. Snapy (Floating camera app with built-in editor for cropping, effects and filters.)
Snapy, The Floating Camera Launched Snapy, The Floating Camera Edit
22. Format Factory (Convert a plethora of files between different formats right on your phone or tablet.)
Format Factory Video Format Factory Audio
23. Molto (An email client with a news feed look and feel.)
Molto Inbox
24. Flyne (Great offline news reader by the developers of Falcon Pro.)
Flyne Sidebar
25. Roccat Power Grid (Customizable PC remote control, gamepad & system monitor.)
Roccat Power Grid Android2 Roccat Power Grid Android4
26. Transdrone (Single app for remotely controlling several popular torrent clients on your PC.)
Transdrone Type
27. A Better Camera (Camera app with a wide range of modes and options.)
A Better Camera Modes
28. Microsoft Remote Desktop (Official client for accessing and controlling a Windows PC from Android.)
Microsoft Remote Desktop Desktop
29. Listen to Emails and News (Have your emails and news feeds read out to you.)
Listen to Emails and News 11 Listen to Emails and News 16 Listen to Emails and News 02
30. Internet (Data/Wifi) Lock (Lock WiFi or mobile data access on Android with a password.)
Internet Lock Lite 05 Internet Lock Lite 06
31. ROM Installer (Find and install popular ROMs and recoveries, perform & manage backups, & more.)
ROM Installer for Android 01a ROM Installer for Android 01b
32. Nero BackItUp (Cloud backup & restore service for your media, messages, contacts, calls & settings.)
Nero BackItUp Source
33. Switchr (Switch between your recent apps by swiping from the left and right edges.)
Switch Style Slide Switch Stype Flow
34. Convert Everything (Arguably the best unit converter we’ve seen for Android.)
Convert Everything for Android 01 Convert Everything for Android 02 Convert Everything for Android 03
35. RepetiTouch (Record touch sequences for repeating them later to make repetitive tasks hassle-free.)
RepetiTouch Free Settings RepetiTouch Free
36. MyScript Stylus (Highly accurate and robust handwriting recognition input method.)
37. Themer (MyColorScreen’s awesome solution for home screen customization with gorgeous themes.)
38. Readmill (Cross-platform eBook reader with support for syncing & saving your reading progress.)
Readmill for Android 21 Syncing Readmill for Android 11 Reading Controls
39. FindIt (Unified search for Gmail, Google Drive & Dropbox.)
FindIt 01 FindIt 02
40. Location Reminder (Create custom alerts that will show up when you’re near a certain location.)
Map Reminder
41. SolCalendar (Great-looking calendar app with powerful features.)
SolCalendar Agenda View SolCalendar Day View 3
42. SCR Screen Recorder (Highly customizable screencast recording app that’s dead-simple to use.)
SCR Screen Recorder 2 SCR Screen Recorder 4
43. Condi (Free Tasker alternative with plenty of great task automation features & an online repository.)
New Action Task Market
44. Screen Controls (Set custom brightness & screen timeout for individual apps.)
Screen Controls Settings Firefox
45. Moves (The popular physical activity tracking app finally available on Android.)
Moves Main Moves Places Movess
46. Autodesk FormIt (Create 3D models using different shapes and tools right on your Android device.)
47. Disa (Unified messaging app supporting SMS & WhatsApp, with Facebook & more coming soon.)
Disa for Android Contacts Text Disa for Android Merged Conversation 1
48. SolMail (Email app with a classy UI, support for multiple accounts and powerful features.)
SolMail 13 SolMail 06 SolMail 08
49. Cool Photo Transfer (Use handy gestures to quickly transfer photos from Android to PC.)
Transfer Gestures
50. Nice Weather (Beautifully minimal and colorful weather app with just the right amount of  info.)
Nice Weather 05 Nice Weather 08 Nice Weather 09
51. Auri (Listen to your RSS, Reddit & other feeds in a radio-like manner.)
Auri 01 Auri 05
52. Simplenote (Official Android client of the popular plain-text note-taking & syncing service.)
Simplenote Simplenote Main
53. Music Maker Jam (Create awesome looping tunes in a beautiful and highly functional interface.)
Music Maker Jam Controls
54. Sidebar Plus (Get an omnipresent sidebar for quick access to your apps & widgets.)
Sidebar Plus Phone Sidebar Plus
55. AntTek Explorer Ex (A dual-pane file manager with cloud & FTP support, themes, and more.)
AntTek Explorer 13 AntTek Explorer 03 AntTek Explorer 17
56. Wireless Minder (Automatically turns off unused radios to save battery life.)
Wireless Minder for Android 1 Wireless Minder for Android 3
57. OSkin (Easily backup and restore your complete home screen setup with its customizations.)
OSkin Home OSkin Install Home 1
58. Aviate (Highly intelligent & minimal launcher that shows you the right info at the right time & place.)
Aviate Launcher for Android Home 01 Aviate Launcher for Android Nav
59. Shifu – To Do & Task Manager (Helps you complete tasks efficiently at the right time & place.)
Shifu To Do & Task Manager Sign up Call
60. Repix (Popular photo editor with great filters, effects and tools.)
Repix Editor Repix Crop Repix Effects
61. Timely (The most beautiful clock & alarm app for Android, period.)
Timely Clock1_
62. SoundSeeder (Brings Galaxy S4′s Group Play capability to any Android device.)
SoundSeeder Music Player_Device Speaker Device
63. Portal (Floating Apps) (Chat Heads-style floating apps and notifications for quick access.)
Portal Google Portal Facebook
64. Smart Messenger (The most powerful and highly customizable third-party SMS app for Android.)
Smart Messenger Beta 1 Smart Messenger Beta 11 Smart Messenger Beta 09
65. CheapCast (Turn your Android device into a Chromecast for free.)
CheapCast YouTube CheapCast
66. FX File Explorer (Great-looking dual-pane file manager with a ton of useful features.)
FX File Explorer 1 FX File Explorer 15
67. LockScreen Free (Combines pattern unlocking & quick app launching from the lockscreen.)
LockScreen Free for Android 1 LockScreen Free for Android 4
68. NicePlayer (Minimal music player with a focus on keeping the number of screens to a minimum.)
NicePlayer for Android 1 NicePlayer for Android 2
69. ActiveNotifications (Moto X-style lock screen notifications on any Android 4+ device.)
ActiveNotifications for Android 4 ActiveNotifications for Android 6
70. Tunester (Dead-simple, gesture-based music player with a great-looking minimal interface.)
Tunester Tunester-2
71. Air Swiper (Get Galaxy S4-like Air Gestures on any Android device.)
Screenshot_2013-08-06-14-23-51 Screenshot_2013-08-06-14-35-43
72. Torch Music (Song discovery app by the makers of the popular Torch Browser.)
Torch Music Torch Music Main
73. Homestyler (Design your home interior right from your Android phone or tablet.)
74. Flow for Reddit (Reddit client with a great-looking card-based UI and in-app YouTube video playback.)
Flow for Reddit Flow for Reddit card
75. Focal (The super-powerful camera app that was previously a part of CyanogenMod.)
Focal 5
76. My Mixtapez (Listen to music mixtapes created by others, or create & share your own.)
My Mixtapez new
77. CallHeads (Get Facebook Chat Heads-style bubble notifications for incoming calls.)
CallHead Accpt CallHeads On App
78. Sparky Lock Screen (Lockscreen replacement app with several great-looking themes.)
Sparky Lock Screen Lite Themes
79. Flash Blink (Set your camera flash to blink upon incoming calls, texts, alarms or app notifications.)
80. Droid Finder (Powerful anti-theft app to help you track and retrieve your lost or stolen phone.)
Droid Finder_Home Screen Droid Finder_Alerts Droid Finder_Trigger Modes
81. Spotflux (Popular VPN service for hiding your real IP & accessing blocked content in your region.)
Spotflux enable Spotflux bandwidth
82. App Override (Set individual Android settings on a per-app basis.)
App Override What To Control
83. BitTorrent Sync (Transfer & sync files between devices using p2p protocol.)
BitTorrent Sync_Sendf BitTorrent Sync_Send QR
84. Floating Touch (Get omnipresent floating controls for quickly performing different actions.)
Floating Touch disc Floating Touch controls
85. AVG Uninstaller (Uninstall apps based on app, battery, data and storage usage.)
AVG Uninstaller AVG Uninstaller_Sort_Battery
86. WORDWAVE (Highly customizable keyboard with gestures, learning-based predictions & more.)
Wordwave Settings /Wordwave themes & personalization
87. User Dictionary (Easily populate your Android keyboard’s dictionary with words you use often.)
User Dictionary sources User Dictionary import words
88. myControl (Remote PC control from Android with scripting support.)
myControl myControl funtion keys
89. Boomerang (Gmail app with email scheduling support and Mailbox-like reminders.)
Screenshot_2013-07-04-17-54-06 Screenshot_2013-07-04-17-30-00
90. Dialapp (Intelligently predicts who you want to call next based on context.)
Dialapp SignIn Dialapp-Log_
91. Sectos (Hide, password-protect, and backup your photos and videos.)
Sectos add Sectos privacy settings
92. Rockmelt (Personalized news reader with a great interface.)
Rockmelt_Sign up Rockbelt_Android
93. MPme Radio (Discover and listen to live radio stations by genre.)
on air genres
94. Fitness Check-up (Put your physical condition to test using just your Android device.)
Fitness Checkup Heart Rate
95. CPU-Z (Official Android variant of one of the most popular system stats apps out there.)
96. McAfee Security Innovations (Secure your Android devices by linking them together.)
McAfee Security Innovations home breach
97. Profile Flow (Profile-based device automation app with many powerful features.)
Profile Flow 10 Profile Flow 08
98. Android Bot Maker (Record sequences of actions and execute them again for repetitive tasks.)
Android Bot Maker actions Android Bot Maker list
99. W-Tools (Hide ‘Last seen’ time on WhatsApp, and mass-message multiple WhatsApp users.)
W-Tools W-Tools start
100. Vine (Official app of Twitter’s short video sharing service.)
Vine-for-Android-home Vine-sharing-options
101. Remote Keyboard (Type on your Android device using your computer’s keyboard.)
Remote Keyboard Android Remote Keyboard 1
102. truBackup (Backup & restore your data using Dropbox as the storage.)
truBackup Home truBackup-Dropbox-Link
103. imgur (Official Android app of the popular image sharing service.)
Imgur gallery Imgur next iamge
104. Duolingo (Learn different languages on the go using short and easy visual lessons.)
Duolingo Main Lesson 1 Correct
105. Tapatalk 4 (The latest update to the most popular forum client on Android.)
Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 03 Tapatalk 4 - Community Reader 04
106. Reddit Illustrated (Full-featured Reddit client with Google Now-like card-based UI.)
Reddit Illustrated post Reddit Illustrated comments
107. Floating Notifications (Get Facebook Chat Heads-style bubble notifications for any app.)
Floating Notifications 02 Floating Notifications 05
108. Next Browser (GO Dev Team’s impressive entry into the Android browser market.)
Next Browser_Speed Dial Next Browser_Tabs
109. Smart Launcher (Great-looking launcher with categorized app drawer, beautiful themes and more.)
Smart Launcher Special Smart Launcher Special_App Drawer
110. Pheed (Official Android app of the social network that’s like a blend of Twitter and Tumblr.)
Pheed_Android Pheed-timeline start Pheed-channels
111. Tilt Racer (Turn your Android device into a tilt-based controller for playing racing games on PC.)
112. NQ Mobile Easy Finder (Locate, track or wipe your lost or stolen Android phone.)
NQ Mobile Easy Finder Beta_1 NQ Mobile Easy Finder Beta-5 NQ Mobile Easy Finder Beta-6
113. Schemes (Schedule texts, emails, tweets & Facebook posts in advance.)
13 Schemes for Android text and social media scheduler
114. Player FM (Powerful podcast player with the ability to automatically download podcasts you like.)
Player FM 04 Player FM 02
115. Cloudii (One app to access & sync your Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Box accounts.)
Cloudii 11 Cloudii 10
116. Splay Launcher (Innovative omnipresent app launcher that works entirely in one continuous swipe.)
117. Tripomatic (Offers city guides and maps to help you plan the perfect vacation or trip.)
Tripomatic  new trip Tripomatic  destination
118. Indigo (Virtual assistant capable of looking up information as well as having casual conversations.)
Indigo Android Home Indigo Android Query
119. MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice (Easily record your calls and playback the recordings at a later time.)
recording MP3 InCall Recorder  recordings
120. Droid Timelapse (Create timelapse videos using your Android device’s camera.)
Droid Timelapse_Frame Capture Rate
121. Photosphere Live Wallpaper (Set a photosphere as your home screen’s live wallpaper.)
4 8
122. Polarbear (Post the same message to multiple social networks and blogs in one go.)
Polarbear_Settings Polarbear-Posting
123. AVG TuneUp (Optimize your phone to get the most out of its storage, battery and data.)
2 4
124. Got-IT (Beautiful To-Do list & note-taking app with Google Tasks synchronization.)
Got-IT 05 Got-IT 17 Got-IT 15
125. Cinemagram (Record and share short 4-second video clips.)
Cinemagram for Android Timeline Cinemagram for Android 02
126. Buzz Launcher (Innovative launcher with crowdsourced themes and multi-theme home screens.)
Buzz Launcher 30 Buzz Launcher 01
127. Overlays (Turn any ordinary widget into an always-on-top, floating one.)
Overlays 10
128. Tiny Apps (Collection of tiny floating apps for notes, recording, music and drawing.)
Tiny Apps 5 Tiny Apps 4
129. AntTek Quick Settings (Customizable Jelly Bean-style quick settings for older devices.)
AnTek Quick Settings 14 AnTek Quick Settings 13
130. Advanced Mobile Care (Optimization & security app with anti-theft, battery saving & a lot more.)
Advanced Mobile Care  1 Advanced Mobile Care  04 Advanced Mobile Care  27
131. full!screen (Easily access notifications & navigation controls when running full-screen apps.)
full!screen 04
132. Intelligent Ringer (Automatically tweaks your Android ring volume based on ambient noise.)
Intelligent Ringer 10 Intelligent Ringer 07
133. Screen Standby (Screen standby & Remote Controller when connected to external display.)
Screen Standby 06 Screen Standby 02
134. Notify Me! (Get customizable popup alerts for any of your installed apps.)
Notify Me! iOS-like alerts for Android Notify Me! settings
135. Notification Weather (Get elegantly presented weather information in your notification shade.)
Notifiation Weather 5 Notification Weather 6
136. 9GAG (Official app of the world’s most famous funny picture sharing network.)
9GAG-for-Android-home-screen 9GAG-Android-main-menu
137. Shady Contacts (Hide sensitive calls & texts while still being able to view them yourself.)
Shady Contacts for Android 12 Shady Contacts for Android 04 Shady Contacts for Android 11
138. Mac Remote (Remotely control your Mac’s brightness, volume & multimedia apps from Android.)
Mac Remote connect Mac Remote applications
139. Runtastic Timer (Set precise and detailed activity phases for all your workouts.)
Timer from Runtastic 8 Timer from Runtastic 1
140. Vybe (Create custom incoming call vibration patterns and assign them to contacts of your choice.)
Vybe - Custom Vibrations 03 Vybe - Custom Vibrations 07
141. GO TouchHelper (A beautiful, robust and customizable quick access panel for GO Launcher EX.)
Go TouchHelper 05 Go TouchHelper 08
142. Duo (Dual-pane file manager with several handy and powerful features.)
UNCOPT File Browser 07 UNCOPT File Browser 1
143. TheftSpy (Full-featured anti-theft and remote device management suite.)
144. Photoshop Touch (Official feature-limited mobile version of the world’s most popular photo editor.)
145. Yandex.Store (Russian search giant Yandex’s own app store for Android.)
Yandex.Store-Android-Home Yandex.Store-Android-App
146. Sidebar (Get quick access to your apps and handy system toggles anywhere in Android.)
Sidebar-Android-Sample1 Sidebar-Android-Items
147. Mokriya (The best looking and most feature-rich Craigslist client for Android that we’ve seen.)
Mokriya-Craigslist-Android-iOS-Home Mokriya-Craigslist-Android-iOS-Categories
148. Greenify (Get the best performance out of your device by taking care of resource-hungry apps.)
Greenify-Android-Start Greenify-Android-Apps
149. utter! (Highly robust and completely offline voice control engine.)
utter!-Android-Update-Feb'13-Commands utter!-Android-Update-Feb'13-Sample1
150. Trigger (Launch different apps or actions anywhere across Android using custom gestures.)
Trigger-Android-Home Trigger-Android-Apps
151. DroidPad (Turn your phone or tablet into a game pad, mouse or slideshow remote for PC.)
DroidPad Joystick Layout 8 DroidPad Mouse
152. DashClock (The most powerful and customizable widget for your home and lock screens.)
DashClock-Android-Lock-Screen DashClock-Android-Extensions
153. LiveLens (Broadcast & discuss a live video feed from Android camera on Facebook in real-time.)
LiveLens-Android-Home LiveLens-Android-Library
154. notiShare (Quickly post status updates on different social networks from your notification shade.)
notiShare-Android-Sample1 notiShare-Android-Sample3
155. (Popular app for discovering different social events around you & all over the world.)
156. Cryptonite (Encrypt and decrypt any local or Dropbox folder right from your Android device.)
Cryptonite-Android-Home Cryptonite-Android-Modes
157. Carbon (Great-looking Twitter client with controls for quickly accessing many features.)
Carbon-For-Twitter-Android-HOme Carbon-For-Twitter-Android-Tilt
158. Helium (Powerful solution for creating, restoring and syncing your app and data backups.)
Carbon-Koush-Android-Backup Carbon-Koush-Android-Backup-Destination
159. XBMC (Android variant of the world’s most popular third-party media center.)
160. Scoopt (Discover fun places based on recommendations by your friends.)
Scoopt-Android-iOS-Categories  Scoopt-Android-iOS-NEw-Share
161. Lightning Browser (Extremely tiny and lightweight web browser with just the features you need.)
Lightning-Browser-Android-Flash Lightning-Browser-Android-Settings
162. Tonido (Arguably the best private cloud solution for accessing your data across multiple devices.)
Tonido for Android
163. Umano (Listen to news articles read by real people rather than an automated text-to-speech engine.)
Umano-Android-Help Umano-Android-Sidebar
164. GroupVox (Virtual Walkie Talkie for Facebook groups and events.)
GroupVox-Android-iOS-Play  GroupVox-Android-iOS-Record
165. PushBullet (Easily push notes, links, images, files & more between Android devices & Google Chrome.)
PushBullet-Android-Start PushBullet-Android-Home
166. FxGuru (Add action & sci-fi special effects to your videos without learning any advanced tools.)
FxGuru-Android-Effects FxGuru-Android-Timeline
167. Family GPS Tracker (Track the location of all your family members and get zone-based alerts for them.)
Family-by-Sygic-Android-Sidebar Family-by-Sygic-Android-Home
168. Last Message (Set a message to be automatically sent to select contacts just before the battery runs out.)
Last-Message-Android-Home Last-Message-Android-Contacts
169. Ctrl+C (Copy any text that can be shared from any app via Android’s universal sharing menu.)
Ctrl C-Android-Share Ctrl C-Android-Sample
170. Blip TV (Discover different web series based on genre, popularity or manual search.)
171. Reddit Now (Great-looking Reddit client with a sleek, gesture-driven UI.)
Reddit-Now-Android-Subreddits Reddit-Now-Android-Post
172. ZenDay (To-Do list manager with a slick gesture-controlled 3D timeline.)
Zime-Android-Timeline Zime-Android-Jump


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