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Sunday, December 8, 2013

FindIt Offers Unified Search For Gmail, Google Drive & Dropbox On Android & iOS

FindIt, first released for iOS a couple of months back, has now been rolled out to the Android platform as well. As the name itself suggests, the app lets you universally search for all your data in famous cloud services, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox. While services like Gmail and Google Drive do offer their own search functions, FindIt will allow you to easily sift through all three services from one screen. We take a closer look at the app, right after the jump...

Setting up and using the app is no rocket science really, as everything is well laid out and the functions made clear. As mentioned earlier, three services are available to link to to the app, however, you may add multiple accounts for the same services, resulting in a much larger and extensive database to search from.
Note that you’ll have to wait a while for the app to scan your accounts after they’re added. The time it takes depends upon how populated the linked account is. In our experience, it took a little over 5 minutes.
FindIt 01 FindIt 02
Enter in what you’re looking for and hit the ‘Find it’ button. Additionally, you may use Person, Time and Type filters to focus your search or leave the search bar blank to view everything that falls under a particular filter.
FindIt_04 FindIt 06
For example, my keyword ‘armin’ brought up everything relating to Armin in my accounts, including an mp3 file and emails from YouTube. In the ‘Type’ menu, you can set the type of files the search results should yield.
FindIt 1 FindIt 05
Still not getting the right results or getting too many results? Hit the ‘+’ button and add in more keywords for a more refined search. Of course, you can add in as many keywords as you like.
To really narrow it down, you can use the ‘Person’ filter if you know where the file or email originated from. The ‘Time’ filter lets you choose between ‘All Time’, ’7 Days’ and ’30 Days’. The app could benefit from more flexibility here, such as the ability to search within a custom time range. On the results screen for the Time filter, FindIt shows the number of results for each year.
FindIt 08 FindIt 2
You can open any emails or file (if the format is supported) from within the app, but there does not seem to be support for downloading as of yet.
To manage your existing accounts, tap the menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen. You can log out of the app and share it with a friend from the same menu.
FindIt gives you thirty free email or file previews each month, but users can share the app with five friends to unlock unlimited previews for one whole year.

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