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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tapatalk For Windows Phone Now Available As A Free App

If you are an active user of multiple community forums, the name Tapatalk shouldn’t be completely unfamiliar to you. The service has been around on major mobile platforms for quite some time, letting you discover interesting online communities on the go. On Windows Phone, however, the official Disqus app beat Tapatalk to the Store. When Tapatalk was finally released a few months back, it came with an early access price tag of $2.99. Though it was understood that the app will go free some time in the future, and that time has finally come. Tapatalk has evolved into a decent app that’s is up to the standards set by other variants of the service. You can search for forums based on their categories or topics, create new accounts for almost any forum, and participate in discussions...
Tapatalk WP8 Explore Tapatalk WP8 Settings

New users can sign up for a Tapatalk account from the app’s main screen, while those with an account can use the login option. The app lets its users explore the available genres and forums within them even without an account, but you don’t get access to all the features that way. Tapatalk for Windows Phone can be configured easily by using the options available in the Settings section. You can choose a signature for all the posts made via the app, and clearing the cached data.
To look for communities to follow, head to the ‘explore’ screen of Tapatalk. You’ll find several categories here, including everything from technology to sports, pets, careers, etc. In addition to these, you can always use the search button and look for forums based on their main topics and the keywords associated with them.
Tapatalk WP8 Categories Tapatalk WP8 Forums Tapatalk WP8 Topic
Tapatalk supports a staggering number of communities, so you are always sure to find something there that matches your taste. Inside a community, there is a page showing some basic information about it, as well as a list of threads filed in the forums. Some of the communities allow guest posts and can be accessed even without an account while for others, you have to sign up to post but there’s no limit on viewing different public discussions. The search button remains visible even inside forums, where it serves to look for content inside different conversation threads. The forums you join from within the app are added to the account screen for easier access.
Tapatalk is now a free app, and works with both Mango and Windows Phone 8. Give it a go by heading to the link provided below.


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