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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Resflux: Edit Resources To Create Custom Themes On A Per App Basis [Android]

Android users can make their devices look amazing. They can tear things down to get an absolute clean and minimal look or they can install widgets, apps, and whatnot, to get more out of it. Adding themes is one popular way to make your device look unique and if you like playing with themes on your device then Resflux is an Xposed module you will love. You will need a rooted device and the Xposed framework installed to get Resflux working. The module lets you customize everything from an app’s icons and buttons, string values, color scheme, and more. Each app can have its own individual theme which means you can create a nice dark theme for the Gmail app and a nice light theme for the Clock app...

Once installed, open Resflux. Tap Laboratory to start creating themes for your apps and edit its other resources. The Import and Export buttons won’t be much use to you if it’s the first time you’re using this module. You will be asked to select the target package from a list of all apps installed on your system. These will include third-party apps, stock apps, as well as system apps. Select any one to customize.
Resflux Resflux target app 
The next step is going to be time consuming; wait while the module maps the resources of the app you selected. This will take time the first time you do it for an app and Resflux tells you just that. What you need to know is that it isn’t kidding; it’s definitely going to take substantial time. Once mapping is complete, you will see a screen like the one in the screenshot on the right.
mapping resources resources 
You’ll see five buttons at the top. From left to right, the Drawable button lets you view and replace icons and buttons used in an app with images on your device. The String button lets you view current value for string resources and edit them. The Color tab lets you view and edit colors for different elements of the app. The Boolean tab lets you view and edit the boolean value of a package. And lastly, the Integer tab lets you view and edit time for events and actions.
Resflux colors Resflux selct colors
Each editable item has a reset button so that you can easily return it to its default value. Returning to the app’s main screen, the Export button lets you export an app with the customization that you’ve done to it so that you can back it up or publish it for the benefit of others. Similarly, the Import tab lets you import these packages.


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