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Saturday, November 2, 2013

SickSkyr Is A Super-Simple Android Launcher With Customizable Gestures

There are a truckload of Android launchers available at Google Play Store for users who don’t fancy Sense, TouchWiz or stock Android launcher. I had been using Apex launcher for quite a while until I recently gave Nova Launcher a shot, which completely blew me away. That’s said, GO Launcher is another handsome app packing a host of features. Despite using so many similar launchers, it always makes me curious to try out new alternatives to give my home screen a makeover. If you want a compact launcher with minimal options and lightweight design, try locking your sights at SickSky. Available as an early Beta, the app tries to set itself apart from other launchers rather than mimicking the more popular ones...
Despite being in beta, SickSky launcher works fairly stable. Rather than allowing you play with multiple home screens, the app relies on just one instead, and supports several gestures for quickly accessing the most common areas such as app drawer, calendar, weather and settings. The home screen of the SickSky Launcher carries a Holo-inspired clock that show the current time, date and weather. The two squarish buttons at the bottom corners give access to app drawer and a settings pane that lets you navigate to weather, calendar and settings. After trying many launchers in the past, SickSky instantly felt new. The four gestures supported on the home screen can be pretty useful. For instance, you can simply swipe down to bring in the app drawer. Likewise, swiping left presents a weather screen. It should be mentioned here that these gestures are fully customizable according to your preferences.
SickSky Launcher  SickSky Launcher  down

To our chagrin, SickSky Launcher doesn’t support widgets, nor does it carry them in the app drawer, which only displays currently installed apps on your phone or tablet. This feels quite a disappointment since widgets are a key Android element that sets it apart from other mobile operating systems. The app drawer looks clean and easy on the eyes though. The Panels section of the app, as stated earlier, gives you quick access to calendar, weather and settings. The Settings screen carries a few generic options related to toggling temperature units as well as time and date format for the home screen, as well as customizing the swipe gestures..
SickSky Launcher  apps SickSky Launcher  2 Settings
SickSky Launcher only works on devices running Android 4.0.3 and up. Despite its shortcomings, the app can prove to be a solid launcher replacement for those who don’t need to use home screen widgets. You can download this launcher for free via the link provided below.


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