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Monday, February 25, 2013

Lifelike Apps Bring Their Newspaper-Style Craigslist Client To Androi

Despite being one of the most popular online classified ad services, it comes as a surprise that Craigslist does not have official apps for popular mobile platforms. Even worse, there aren’t too many quality third-party offerings available in this regard either, especially for Android,while iOS users have had a great option in the unofficial Craigslist app by Lifelike Apps for quite some time now. Right from its real newspaper-like UI to the option to browse ads by user-selected locations, the app seems to have everything that you’d like to see in a quality Craigslist mobile app. If you’re an Android user, you’ll be glad to learn that the developer has just launched the Android variant of their Craigslist app. Supporting more or less the same feature-set as its iOS version, the app aims to become your one-stop solution for posting, discovering, bookmarking, searching and replying to Craigslist classified ads on the move...

Like its iOS equivalent, the Android app sports a UI that replicates the looks of a real newspaper, complete with a column layout listing all the featured classified ads. The app allows complete management of your Craigslist ads, along with the option to post new ads supplemented with photos imported from your device’s gallery. If you are (surprisingly) not acquainted with Craigslist yet, it is one of the Internet’s oldest and most famous classified ads services that encompasses the following broad categories:
  • Communities
  • Personals
  • Services
  • Housing
  • For Sale
  • Items Wanted
  • Resumes
  • Jobs
  • Gigs
The app also supports automatic location detection to display ads relevant to your current location. You can also manually pick your preferred region from the entire world to explore location-specific ads for that region. Furthermore, you can even see the location of any ad by checking its geographical coordinates on Google Maps.
The app’s advanced content filtering feature is quite commendable. You can search ad posts and titles that contain a specific keyword, and view only the posts that have an image. Similarly, the app presents you with context-sensitive menus, filters and parameters for almost every supported category to help you find your required item with ease.
You can also save your search queries performed within the app, modify the font size throughout the app, and recall bookmarked posts from anywhere within the app, anytime you want. Using the app’s various flagging features, you can also report mis-categorized, prohibited, spam or over-posted ads easily.
Once you find something of your interest, you can easily reply to the ad to get in touch with the seller. If you want to post your own ad, there’s the Post button for that. Should you wish to get yourself a new Craigslist account or sign in with your existing one, the app lets you do that as well, from the ‘Account’ button.
Craigslist by Lifelike Apps is available in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store as both an ad-supported free version and a $0.99 ads-free variant. Besides supporting ads, the free version places restrictions on the number of posts that can be bookmarked. The paid version is free of any such restrictions.


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